Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

 I probably used this picture recently...a steamy bowl of lentil soup with fresh baked bread and melting butter... But, I can't remember. And I'm too lazy to look.  It's very chilly and foggy tonight, and a hot bowl of soup just looked good, dammit...


  Been a busy couple of days. My list for Monday and Tuesday was to clean and rearrange all the kitchen cabinets. I bought cheap (translates: thin and flexible) vinyl self adhesive floor tiles to use to line the cabinets with. It works great. Cleans easily, is durable and looks good. (Oak parquet).  I'm not entirely finished, still have a couple to go and will knock those out tomorrow. What did happen though, was my son came over and is helping, and put all new hardware on my cabinets and drawers. Not new, really, but new to me. There were no handles or pulls on any of my oak cabinets. A month ago or two, my neighbor gave me a whole box of cabinet hardware as she had replaced hers. They are nice and heavy, bronze or brass.  There's also a leak under my kitchen sink from a bad faucet, and he's coming back tomorrow to repair/replace that. It turned out to be quite a job, those cabinets....all 21 doors and 13 drawers. I've been scrubbing down the inside/outsides with Spic'n Span, getting rid of all the ooey gooies that collect on kitchen surfaces, no matter how careful you try to be. (And I do NOT try to be careful...I'm like the freaking Galloping Gourmet in there, splashing about all willy nilly.)  sigh..... Tomorrow's list includes a thorough cleaning of our master bedroom and the big walk-in closet, buying paint, and finishing up the cabinets. Then I'm off to Miss B's at 3...


  Craziness here...in St Louis, a baby was snatched from it's crib and later found murdered and the body left in a cemetery near a park.  Good Lord...what madness....People are in shock in the quiet little suburb...


   I am tired and should be in bed. My nano writing is so far off the mark that I'm thinking of throwing in the towel. I just have not had the inclination to write much...not sure why. This would have been my 4th year...I might have a sudden burst of inspiration and write like a madwoman and make it, but it's not looking too good.  Oh well.  My biggest complaint about NaNo is that Thanksgiving takes such a big bite out of your 30 days of writing...but since no other month starts with N, I guess we're stuck with it.  lol


    I dehydrated the kale and it was interesting, to say the least. I found a recipe that called for lemon juice, olive oil and salt. I used that (followed directions and everything!) and I liked it well enough./ The oven dehydrated stuff was far inferior to the dehydrator dried stuff..  I'm going to make some kimchi...one recipe with Napa cabbage (traditional) and one with kale. I found a recipe that says you can use any kind of greens. I think I'll put carrot and daikon radish in it too.  I'll mix that up on Thursday, I think. I was thinking....I'll bet I could use grated turnip in place of the daikon...most of the things I have read about kimchi said that there are as many variations as there are Koreans that make it. My kind of recipe.  lol


 My darling chickens have started laying again! I am thrilled. They haven't given me one egg for over a month....they were molting AND traumatized by the coon that killed the other 2.  I have sorely missed my fresh eggs.


  Busy day tomorrow and I need my beauty rest.  Especially since I [think] I have decided to stop coloring my hair, and am letting it grow out some as well. LOL  The grey is already coming in like gangbusters. 
So, I'm going to bid you all adieu, and make my way towards the bedroom, hoping I don't fall over the stack of pots and pans  and glass vases on the floor. lol  

  Never mind.  I'll finish cleaning things up in the morning.....sweet dreams, waterbabies....



Mary LA said...

That's what grey does, gang-busting.

I'm just writing a 20 000 word novella this year for Nano so it's inching along.

Sometimes my darling, I get tired just reading your housekeeping posts. I washed a coffee cup this morning and played with my dogs.

Beth said...

I made that mind altering decision not to color my hair some time ago. I really like my hair color now as it is a shiny silver. I think you may be surprised at what your hair will look like.

I could use your help and guidance around here Annie as my house needs some TLC!

I hadn't heard about the baby from STL. My brother and SIL live not far from STL.

DJan said...

Yep, you sure don't know how to relax, it's your only failing, Annie. I also get tired just reading about everything you accomplish. I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching your version of Galloping Gourmet flinging stuff around. :-)

Rita said...

Wow! You are a whirlwind! No wonder you're tired!

I bet you will love the cabinets once they are all updated and scrubbed wildly. ;)

That sounds just horrible--the snatched baby murdered. You can't help but wonder--why in the world do people do something like that? I hope they discover who did it!

Glad the hens have gotten over the molting and trauma. Nothing like fresh eggs.

I have never understood why they have the Nanowrimo in November. Dumb month to have it. Why not February or some quieter month. Right before the holiday season is just nuts. Good luck with that.

Might be fun to discover what color your hair really is, eh? I know a few people who have done that. Mine is still mousey brown, but my DIL has been turning grey for years already. Genetics. Roll of the dice. ;)

the wild magnolia said...

Lentils and fresh baked bread look so good.

Loving all your creative ideas.

I stopped coloring my hair about two years ago. What a relief.

Cloudia said...

seems like we all need to rest this time of year.

feel better, Friend!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

LindaM said...

I was just preparing my post for tomorrow on kim chi! Yes, turnips can be used. You can use anything really.
I don't color my hair anymore...dye was making me ill. I worked for years in a hair salon so I guess my body coukdn't take anymore chemicals. Gray hair can be so pretty!

Rubye Jack said...

My hair is gray and I really like it. I've always liked gray hair and see no reason for anyone to color their hair really.

The lentil soup looks so totally good, especially with the homemade bread. I can't believe how busy you get Annie.

Kristin H. said...

I had all kinds of thoughtful things to say and then I read Mary's comment and I busted out laughing and forgot what I was going to write. Such an interesting, cyber-intimate group we have, dontcha think?

Take care, sugar booger.

Akannie said...

LOL----god, I love you guys.