Saturday, November 19, 2011

Adventures in life I'm not.  LOL

************  I need to go check Linda's blog about the post on kimchi.

 Yesterday, I chopped Napa Cabbage, kale, garlic, ginger, carrots and grated turnip. Covered it with a brine of salt and water, and am getting ready now to go drain the brine and get the spices into it.  I'm very excited about this endeavor.

 Today I cut corn off the cob that I had frozen whole in 2010 and it's in the dehydrator now. I needed the freezer space for the 20 pound turkey I brought home on Friday.  It's all about the juggling,

 So I have been staying busy and trying to get my house readied for the onslaught of family that will arrive Thursday morning. I have kitchen cabinets all done, a new kitchen faucet installed (and no more leaks!!!!).  I have the ceiling lights all sparkly and the ceiling fans cleaned. Tomorrow I will work on my bedroom and the big closet. It was on my list for Wednesday, but...oh, well. I am flexible if I'm anything.  :)   Whatever gets done will get done and whatever doesn't will probably not even be noticed by anyone but me.  lol

  I sent an email to my new hero Sharon Astyk tonight. I am as giddy as a schoolgirl.  Just asking a question about something.  I really think she will reply./\../\

   Went to a birthday breakfast for my now 15 year old grandson this morning. Can't believe he will be driving next year.  It was nice. He wanted Pizza Hut gift cards, so that's what he got. 40 bucks worth of pizza.  lol
He was bedazzled.

   The weather has been seesawing back and forth here. It was very chilly this morning, but by the time the wind stopped tonight it was back at 59 degrees. Might get rain, but it's warming back up. We had a couple of good frosty mornings where the temps were down in the high 20's. But now it's warmed up again.

  I made a lovely tofu stir-fry last night for supper...lots of garden stuff in it like kale and turnips and carrots and asparagus..and ginger and garlic and red onion...and green beans and snow peas. Life is good when you get to eat things you've planted and nurtured and harvested with your own two hands.

  I'm gonna go get that kimchi drained and spiced and into the jars. I'll make sure to take a picture of it's prettiness...

  Oooooo...ain't it purty????   It really smells good too...we'll see how I feel after the fermentation starts. lol  I ate a bite and the cabbage was nice and crispy.  I'm going to use Linda's recipe next time.  I also need to find some Korean red pepper flakes, as I used a potent cayenne this time.

  Alrighty then...I am pooped and it's 1 AM here in the breadbasket. Time for sweet dreams and some good rest. 



LindaM said...

Wow, that kim chi looks so yummy! Nothing makes me hungrier than seeing/smelling kim chi! LOL!

If you can find an Asian store they should carry the Korean chili flakes. They are very different-not sure what kind of chili they use but it does make a difference. I think you could find it online too.

I don't know how you have the energy to do all that you do in a day and keep up such a great attitude! I admire that very much about you.

Beth said...

The kimchi looks good enough to eat. It really is 'purty' with all of those lovely colors.

I am with your grandson on Pizza Hut. It is my favorite pizza! A belated happy birthday to him.

Illinois weather is something for sure. I am hoping we don't get as much snow as we did last year.

DJan said...

I like kimchi nori rolls, which are available at my Food Coop. Yours looks even better!

the wild magnolia said...

This recipe is new for me but I am sure I would enjoy it.

You are indeed busy making ready for the holiday.


Kristin H. said...

I would clean your house for free and probably wash your car, too, just to have some of that cooking (pickling) of yours. Most days I'm lucky to have the initiative to crack open a can of soup.

Rubye Jack said...

Sad, but this is the first I've heard of kim chi or kimchi. Maybe that's where all your energy comes from? :)

Mary LA said...

All I can think about is having a pretty jar of kimchi on the pantry shelf! I will make some at the end of summer and use both your recipe and Linda's, if I can find those Korean chilli flakes.

Here we get our African birds-eye chilli, piri-piri, and if i dry that, I may get some extremely hot flakes.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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< ° ) } } > <

Akannie said...

OMG, Kristen!!! GET OVER HERE---I NEED HELP NOW !!!!!!!!!

I've been trying to talk anyone into working for me tomorrow but no one will...crap. I have so much to do....

The kimchi is better every time I sneak a taste. I'm definitely gonna keep a supply of this on hand.