Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Human kind cannot bear very much reality." ~T.S. Eliot

True words.  This explains our constant need for political debates and television.


  I had a lovely day cleaning and cooking and having my sister and my sister-in-law to lunch today.  I made the most lovely Vegan creamy carrot soup and then a gorgeous salad of greens and red onions and bell peppers and radishes and carrots. I topped it off with a heart stopping pile of roast beef, ham and smoked turkey with Provolone cheese, on 15 grain bread and grilled. We talked and laughed and ate like big dogs. I am really blessed with a pretty wonderful family.

  After they were gone, I had a conversation with the electric company which resulted in cutting my bill nearly in half for this month and next.!

  Then I ran to the post office to mail said check and stopped at the local market that was having a sale. I got chicken breasts for 1.39/lb...ground chuck for 1.99/lb and  country pork ribs for 1.89/lb.  I spent over 50 dollars, but stocked the freezer nicely.

  I've been home ever since. 

  It's cold out there, about 28 right now.  Expecting a hard freeze tonight...we'll see. They said there would be one last night too, but it didn't happen. Then the temps are supposed to steadily increase and get back up to the 60's and 70's later in the week. it never got above 50 today and the wind was pretty fierce, so it felt even colder. Good day for soup, and we had enough left over from lunch to have for supper too. 

   We've got the garden covered, but I'm afraid if it gets too cold we may lose most of it. I have turnips that need harvesting and a bed of kale to dry. Anybody ever do that?  Not sure if I want to just string it up somewhere or  use the dehydrators or what.  The kale needs a good freeze to bring out the sweetness. I have a bunch of green tomatoes out there too and I meant to pick them today to pickle, but I got way laid by my company and then forgot about it. Oh well. We'll see about them tomorrow morning. If  they're lost, they're lost. I hate it, but not much I can do now after midnight.

   Gonna cut this short and go to bed. I've been up since 5:30 this morning and am starting to run out of gas.

 Plans to make an apple crisp tomorrow and find other fun stuff to do, which  (as usual) will include chickens and food and love and happiness. The Irishman has a 10 AM appointment to get his tooth crowned and I don't really have any plans at all besides finishing the laundry I started today.  Gonna be a "seat of the pants" kind of a day, I'm guessing. Sounds great to me.

  TTFN. Sleep well and have a great weekend...



Cloudia said...

Yea YOU!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

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< ° ) } } > <

Rita said...

That carrot soup sounds heavenly! What a great visit! And cutting and electric bill is something to celebrate--whoohoo!

I hope the garden doesn't freeze and the Irishman's dentist appointment goes well and quickly. chicken, food, love, and happiness...what more could anyone ask for?!! :):)

Mary LA said...

Go grrl! I would love the recipe for your vegan carrot soup! I do a carrot soup with finely chopped onions and a little nutmeg and chervil that works well.

DJan said...

Even your short posts give me a lot of pleasure. I wonder how you do that? Your cold weather must be heading my way after freezing your garden. Warm weather is to be replaced this afternoon with cold rainy stuff! :-)

Beth said...

Your company lunch sounds delicious Annie. I have never tasted carrot soup but I am always willing to try new things. Now apple crisp, I could go for anytime!!

I hope you and the Irishman have a wonderful weekend.

Linda Myers said...

I would love to have it be cold! We do have wet, though, as of today.

LindaM said...

Hi Annie
I have dried kale in the dehydrator but I noticed that shortly after putting the kale in jars, it got wimpy again. It was still usable but didn't stay crispy like I hoped. If I did it again, I might try using the food saver vacuum sealer on the jars to make sure that no moisture gets in.
I also have to go out and get the turnips and kale. We had snow but they all look okay despite that.

Rubye Jack said...

Apple crisp! Now, that sounds good! I'm trying to think of what to take to a Thanksgiving dinner and god knows everyone loves apple crisp. I'm not looking forward to that cold air. It's still in the 60's here but with lots of wind. Winter is definitely on its way. Have a good afternoon Annie!