Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursdays are a busy day

 This is Caylee.  She's having the hardest time with the new dog...she doesn't like change.  lol


    Thursdays are always a busy day, for one reason or another. Usually, I am home for the day, and trying to catch up on all the chores that slide on the days when I am not. I try to catch up the laundry and do any vacuuming, housecleaning, etc that I need doing so I can play on Friday, the other day when I am home. HOWEVER.  I will not be home today, as I am working to atone for the time I took off with the kiddos. I do have some things to get done, one of them being off to the bank and then to the feed store to get chicken scratch grains. I have a good sized bag, close to 10 pounds, of Roma tomatoes in the other room, waiting to be made into Old Fashioned Tomato Preserves. I may not get vacuuming or laundry done today, as the window of opportunity is slamming down with a vengeance the longer I sit here on the computer.  lol  I have been up for several hours, and have had coffee, and am still in my pj's and oh, dear...well, all I can think is that this is the perfect chance to visit a feed store I haven't been to that is closer to my house than the one I usually go to and if I play my cards right, Roxie and I could be in the car heading down the road in less than 15 minutes.

 Roxie.  Yes...we took a car ride yesterday and she was in hog heaven. She stood on my lap and stuck her tiny head out the window and had her ears flapping in the wind...just like a real dog! lol  She's so comical, with those stubby little legs and that sweet face of hers, always looking to me to see if she's doing something wrong before she proceeds.  Today I Will take her with me to MissB's house, to play with the little Pomeranian and run in the fenced back yard.  I have told MissB all about her and when she remembers, would love to see her. She slept out on the couch last night and slept like a baby. The first night I put her in a crate, thinking it would be better for her, but she barked and cried half the night. That wasn't better for ME...I got almost no sleep. Last night was blissful.  She has a little pillow here on a box of books that she has learned to jump and curl up on, right next to my desk. When I'm here, so is she.  She's sleeping and making funny little puppy noises.  She loves to go outside and the Irishman took her out into the garden with him last night. He said he laughed so can barely see her above the grass. Said twice she started to dig, but when he told her NO- she stopped.  When they came back home, she curled up next to him on the couch and snuggled.  That's where I found them when I got here.

  A new dog in the house always wreaks a little havoc for a bit, while everyone tries to find and re-find their spot in the hierarchy. It doesn't take long usually, and every now and then there might be a little power struggle. Just like their humans.  lol

  I need to get moving. It's a cloudy warm morning out there and I think we may have some thunderstorms on the forecast. A cool front was moving in last night...yesterday I saw school buses, kids walking home form school..and I guess it's really getting on fall. They are starting school about 2 weeks earlier than usual, it seems to me. Brings back memories...

  Thursday----here I come!!!!!!!



DJan said...

I already love little Roxie. She's been through so much, she really deserves to have hit the doggie lottery by finding YOU. :-)

Petit fleur said...

Poor ole Caylee... I can relate.

But lucky lucky Roxie! She sounds like she's nestling in just fine.

A fine fine rescue! Yay!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Poor Caylee

Sounds like a fun new adventure though!