Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy daze of Summer...

 Of course, the bloom is no longer on the rose..this pic was taken in late June, I think. I did notice, however, that even though the roses all burned up, there are new tiny ones starting to show themselves again. Almost like a resurrection...

  I am in a funny state of mind this morning. Partly because I didn't get enough REM sleep last night, as I was awakened on several occasions by animals crying, puking,whining and howling. It was not an ideal night at Honeysuckle Hill. lol  Husband gave pork bones to the dogs after his supper. We do give them stuff like this all the time, but the newest dog doesn't tolerate them well. AND she has peed on the carpet twice this morning. Poor thing...her world is in an uproar.  For the time being, they are outside and and I am trying to motivate myself to get things cleaned up in here and do something productive before I leave for MissB's house for the day. It might not happen.

  I have managed to waste several hours already on the computer, reading a couple of new blogs. My husband left about an hour ago. My son is here, apparently, out fishing.  I have not spoken to him, lol, he went straight to the pond. It's already stifling out there, high humidity. Another heat advisory for today into tomorrow, and then the  temps are supposed to start sliding down into the mid-high 80' which point we will probably feel like we have died and gone to heaven.

  Bee Balm.  It is now burned into oblivion, all the beautiful red and lavender flowers just brown dried up seed pods. The good news is that this flower bed will be even bigger next year. The bad news is that I only have pictures to remind me of how beautiful they were. The bees and the hummingbirds love them.

  The vegetable garden is on it's second chance road. Getting all cleaned up and ready to replant. Even after the big rain we had, Patrick says the dirt is still bone dry about 5 inches down. We need soaker hoses. Will he get them? Who knows. I shall keep my eyes open for hardware store sales, and might be able to pick some up rather reasonably. Maybe.

  I need to get out to the garden this morning and look things over. I'm sure there are some tomatoes and okra that need picking. Not much else. The potatoes are okay and the sweet potatoes are the only thing out there that are lush and pretty still.  lol  I'd better go before it gets any hotter.

  As bad as the growing year has been, I am still blessed to have gotten quite a few things canned and frozen. I have more to do, and I need to remember that every little thing I can do or change about the way we eat/live/work things out is still a step in the right direction. I am trying to get the freezer emptied of the older packages of meat and sorted out as to what is old and what is not. It's hard to keep a chest freezer organized.

  I also want to make an inventory list for my pantries. That might be a fall adventure...kinda busy just now. But I have a bunch of gallon jars to start keeping my dry goods in, like beans and rice and flour and such...that will another organizing day or two that will make it easier to look in and see what I have without having to sift through bins like I do now.  This is definitely one of my important future projects.  I think I read somewhere about putting a bay leaf or two into your dry beans and rice jars to keep insect infestations down, in the event they have gotten into the plastic bags  before you got them. I have been trying to buy more of my stuff inh bulk to start with, to save that problem, not to mention the packaging thing.

  Today is my baby sisters birthday. I have to call her and sing, like I always do. lol 

  Alright. I have stalled as long as I can.  My life is calling.....



DJan said...

From what I've read recently, you have canned and put up quite a lot of stuff. I am so sorry it's been so hellishly hot in your part of the country, not to mention dry. I am hoping that the cool down comes sooner for you... you sure do need it!

One Prayer Girl said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog. I will NEVER forget my visit to your home. I love you, your home, and we had a fabulous time there.
You are my heroine. :)

the wild magnolia said...

Hope the sick little girl is feeling better. Cleaning up doggies messes take courage, I know.

This heat wave is wearying everyone involved.

Wishing you a better night and day coming up!

Petit fleur said...

Just saying hello.

Rita said...

Oh, training puppies. Love them, but I don't think I'd ever want to do that again. I'll stick with my cats, I guess. Sorry the tummy didn't agree with the treat for the young one.

You have gotten so much done. I can't imagine the amount of canning and freezing you must do on a good year!?

I love jars or all kinds for storing dry goods. I have never canned, but I do own a lot of canning jars--LOL! ;)

I hope you got to the tomatoes and okra--and that you have a very good day. :):)