Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best laid plans...

 So....the first batch of peach pit jelly didn't set up. And do I know why?? Of course I know why.  Because, after almost 3 decades on this planet, I STILL never follow directions about half the time. I put the sugar and pectin into the juice at the same time and brought it to a boil. Instead of following the pectin directions (which naturally, I did NOT read, since I know everything) and putting the pectin in first, bringing to a full boil and then putting the sugar in, I have to redo the whole batch. OR...use it for syrup. The only reason I don't want to redo it is the waste of canning lids, which are up to over 20 cents apiece this year. The thrifty bitch that I am, hates that. lol

  I'm going to think about it some more. Too late to do anything this morning anyway. 

  Yesterday I made 3 batches of pesto from the gardens basil.  It turned out good, even with the plants being a little past their prime.  I went shopping in the morning for olive oil and pine nuts, and nearly had a heart attack when I found that pine nuts are between 27 and 29 dollars a pound.  I knew they would be expensive, but I was thinking like 17 dollars a pound expensive. I opted out of them this time. At the Green Earth grocery cooperative (our local health food store) I browsed their cookbook shelf, because I was pretty sure I had seen a recipe using walnuts. Sure enough, I found several and one using raw sunflower seeds. At 2.99/lb I bought 3 pounds of those, and having walnuts already at the house, went on my merry way. I am sure that pine nuts makes the optimal product. However...since the Irishman and I are NOT Julia Child and Jacques probably doesn't make that big a difference. I was happy with the end results, and that's really all that matters. To me.  LOL

  I bought 4 new plastic ice cube trays that forevermore will be labeled PESTO ONLY, and filled them up and froze lovely little cubes of pesto, which I put into a gallon ziplock freezer bag this morning. They are now resting comfortably.  I still have a container of pesto in the fridge too, to use up within the next week or so. AND...I made a pasta primavera last night with pesto, to go with the filets and corn on the cob we had for supper.  And we ate like kings.

  Watched a very strange movie last night starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz (sp) and Ellen Burstyn. It was called The Fountain. Not sure if I'd recommend iot or was truly hard to follow at times and almost scifi.  That's how we spent our big Friday. lol

  I put a big ole pork roast with onions and bay leaves in the crockpot last night before I went to bed. It simmered slowly all night and this morning I put in some red potatoes and carrots from our garden. I have to go to work at 3, but it will make the Irishman a nice supper. I don't know if the veggies will be done enough for me to take in my lunch or not...we'll see.

  The Irishman is out back, getting ready to plant. We had a terrific storm last night/this morning and it dropped about 2 inches or more of rain on us.  Thank goodness--finally some rain. We'll plant green beans, kale, turnips and pea pods.  That'll be enough.

  Well....I have a few more things to do before I go to work. A couch pillow to mend (Bella fun), one more load of laundry to finish, and a couple of other odds and ends. Hope everyone has a grand Saturday. I only have 3 more days of work until I am off for 4 glorious days in a row.  YIPPEE!!!!!  

   Walk gently, people.



Lo said...

Oh my......I can't tell you how much I admire you.......all those good deeds. all that wise acceptance and I love the quote about failure.

So glad I found your blog.

Rita said...

Great quote!
Sorry about your jelly, tho. :(
The walnuts sound very practical to me. I am no Julia Child, either. ;)
I saw that movie a few years ago and do remember that it was very confusing and strange--and not in a good way--LOL!
I bet you can hardly wait for your days off and your niece's visit!!!
Sleep well. :):)

Petit fleur said...

Sorry bout the peach preserves... but about that rain, you're welcome!

I don't kid about that stuff.

Have a great weekend.

Andrew said...

Life on Honeysuckle Hill!

All the very best to you and Patrick.

DJan said...

Haven't seen that movie and now I'll steer clear. But I do think that the walnuts are a great substitute for those expensive pine nuts. I think I've even had them used in the same way...