Thursday, August 11, 2011

O, me-oh-My-O

 This is a partial shot of the Magic House, in St. Louis. The entire front "yard" is an interactive garden, where there were things like the begonia powered kaleidoscope, giant foam tinkertoys, a fountain to play in, a footbridge and gorgeous blooming flowers everywhere.

 We took our 8 year old niece on Wednesday evening, when they are having a free family night (through the end of August).  We had a blast. She climbed the three story beanstalk 5 times!  It consisted of big "leaves" and knotted ropes that formed a netting, and was FULL of climbing children, going every which a way. lol

 All part of this:

There was an Alice in Wonderland  exhibit that came from San Jose, CA

 All kinds of neat stuff there too.  It was really a neat place and was great seeing all the families and children running around. 

  This is the Under Construction Zone. They got to put on hard hats, tool belts, and goggles, and climb around and do plumbing work and shovel gravel and sit in a caterpillar earth mover. They could hammer, screw, drill and let their imaginations run wild.  (Uncle Pat had to help get the tool belt on...he had at least as much fun as the wee one.) lol

  There was lots of awesome art on the walls, and so much going was exhausting!  There was a Solve the Mystery area, an electric area, a kitchen area and a camping area.  There was a Supreme Court and Oval Office area in another section that was all about government.  There was a Poet Tree, where you could write your poem on a leaf shaped paper and hang it on a branch.  There was the electromagnetic ball, where you could go stand on the platform and let the static electricity shoot your hair out from your head and stand on end.

  So much...such a sensory overload for this old woman...I'm tired just writing about it.  We all fell into bed totally exhausted last night and slept the sleep of the dead.  lol

  Today, the grandson came and we all went to lunch and then the three of us headed to Cahokia Mounds and the Indian Museum...but that's a post for another day. I have taken tons of pictures and will take more, since tomorrow we are going to the St. Louis Zoo.  My plan is to make a scrapbook for her of her summer "vacation" with her old auntie, using the pictures and other things I have picked up. Won't that be fun??

  My body is screaming for rest...we had an easy supper tonight, and then the four of us played a silly board game for a few hours. The kids danced to the 50's&60's rockn'roll radio I had playing and they watched a movie for a bit and are now both sound asleep. We are having such a great time...

  Goodnight all...pleasant dreams and here's hoping you can find time in your busy life to just PLAY.



DJan said...

What a wonderful place that magic house is! And I can understand why you are so tired, you of the boundless energy. Little ones do that to me, too. What a great idea about the scrapbook... I hope you have a wonderful weekend with them, Annie! Hugs to you.

Akannie said...

Thanks, DJan~~it has been sweet!

And that place is great...esp. interesting watching the city kids run wild, lol.

Rita said...

OMGosh! I wish they had had a place like that when my son was a boy! Our science museum didn't have half those things. Sounds totally exciting and exhausting--LOL! You're all having such a great time and going fun places. I'm waiting for the zoo pics. Love me some zoo!! Your idea of the scrapbook is perfect! Now, you'll just need a long, quiet vacation afterwards--LOL! ;)

Akannie said...

Rita--you are SO right about that!~ lol

The zoo trip is over and we're home now. My knee is killing me, my head is pounding, and I "hurt in the places where I used to play . lol

Tomorrow everyone goes has been great, but I am really looking forward to my nice quiet little cottage in the woods again.

Petit fleur said...

Wow. I want to take Harley there so bad! He would go ape!

Kids bring such a great element of pure joy and natural curiosity and growth to us if we are just open enough to go with it. Most grown ups are too preoccupied or busy to connect with that... Your neph and niece are very lucky to have you... and you them.

good luck with your scrapping. I like the idea of it, but in reality, there are just too many choices to be made and I can't handle it! What to put in/leave out, how to decorate, etc... I'm much to simple to really get into it, but I love looking at other people's, so I'm hoping you'll post pictures of it! (I'm such a geek!)

Anyway, a suggestion about rest... If you really need it, let them play games on the computer or watch a movie or kid channel and set them up with snacks and just go fall out! It's really ok to do that sometimes... even necessary!

Akannie said...


Thanks Little Flower--and you are right. It's just that I don't want to miss a minute of this. I have forgotten how to pace myself when it comes to baby turned 40 last month! lol
At one point the little Princess took me aside and said "Just because I beg you for something, you don't have to give in. In fact, you shouldn't. At least, not every time." LOL