Thursday, August 25, 2011

Messing up my PLAN....

Here's the thing.  I generally have a PLAN for my day. Even for my part days, when I know I have to head to MissB's house.  I am a list maker, among other things, because it helps me be more organized and efficient. (AND because I was forced to take one of those DayTimer workshops, and they brainwash the hell out of you and you never forget some of that stuff until the day you die.)  Anyways...on my days off, when I get to stay home and catch up on everything and accomplish Great Things...I always have a list that I make the night before. It is all prioritized and pretty and I generally stick to it. At best, I get a lot done. At worst, I know what needs doing and I either do it or I don't. If I don't (and this is the beauty of the DayTimer people and FranklinCovey), why, I just move it to tomorrow's list. FranklinCovey is the training team that the corporation I worked for a million years ago sent all it's management people to so that we could learn enhanced time management skills and enjoy greater personal productivity.  (FYI--I tried to refuse to go because I really am an old hippie and this was NOT my idea of a good time. I was threatened with demotion and possible job loss, as this was a MANDATORY workshop.)  

  But, I digress....

 Getting back to the original story here....when I woke up at around 8 AM, the Irishman was STILL HERE. He didn't go to work this morning, because he overslept and when he called in to say he'd be a little late, they told him there wasn't a lot to do and that if he wanted to just take a vacation day, he could. So, as any red blooded American man will do, he did. HE thought he'd done a great thing, because now he could be home with me all day.  I went into the bathroom and threw up. (Not really).

Here's the thing. He gets in my way. Even if he's out in the yard. Even if he's doing things totally unrelated to what I'm doing.  HE IS NOT PART OF MY PLAN.  So, I had to make breakfast, which cut into my list time. Then I had to make him lunch--again, not on my list. And I had to stop what I was doing a hundred time to answer a question or go "look at something".  

  All I got done today was ONE batch of jelly, 3 loads of laundry, and supper.  Oh, and I did color my hair. And that's another story.

 I put a medium auburn color on my hair, thinking I would lighten it up a little from the dark brown it usually is. (And yes--I AM ending that sentence with a preposition).  Well, it's red. I'm a redhead. Not copper penny red, but red red red nonetheless.  Not what I had in mind. Holy crapola. I jump every time I see myself in the mirror. He says it's not THAT bad, that I'm over reacting.  Oh, I'm over reacting alright. I'm ready to lay my head on a train track for a quick decapitation. I'm not going out without a hat for 6 weeks. was a bust. I didn't get the floors vacuumed. I didn't get my teapots and googlies all put back up on the walls and shelves. I didn't get anything dusted. I didn't clean the closet or the spare room or my bedroom or my office.  I didn't pull weeds in the front yard or sweep the porches or clean the mudroom. I didn't paint the laundry room OR the front bathroom. I didn't do anything, except ruin my life with a box of Miss Clairol.

  At least I have things for tomorrows list though.

 I try to play catch up on Thursday so that I can play a little on Friday. Oh well.

 On a brighter note, we did have some lovely porterhouse steaks for supper, with corn on the cob and garlic green beans from the garden. The green beans have started producing again...I hope they keep it up through next weekend when the Irishman's brother and sister are coming.  I have a whole gallon in the fridge, and I'll have enough for a canner load in a few days. AND--my oven suddenly started working again. Go figure.

Alright. I'm off to bed. To dream dreams of a happy and useful that does NOT include a DayTimer within arms reach AT ALL TIMES. (Oh yes they did--they pounded that home, over and over).  I did acquiesce, and kept it in the trunk of my car. And almost NEVER used it. I just couldn' was against everything I ever stood for.  lol



Rita said...

LOLOL!!! The best laid plans....

You actually did get quite a bit done, considering. ;) Got to spend time with your hubby and have a delicious dinner, I guess. The list will wait for you. Maybe men are a big reason a woman's work is never done? ROFL!

Hope you have a better, more productive, checking-off in the DayTimer day today. :)

Petit fleur said...

Relax, and get rid of that dam daytimer! :-p

DJan said...

Ooops! I don't know what happened to my comment. If it shows up later, please delete it, I wasn't finished! I just wanted to say my hubby gets underfoot, too, when he's supposed to be sleeping and I'm getting ready to leave in the morning!

the wild magnolia said...

Namaste, I do see the good in you, indeed.

I LMAO. this was so funny, I love a good healthy sense of humor.

news flash, retirement comes eventually, then you are together, joined at the hip, as it were. I know whereof I speak.

You will really need your sense of humor then.

NCmountainwoman said...

Very funny post. I'm glad our paths have crossed in blogland. I look forward to checking your archives.

Akannie said...

Oh Rita--you are my biggest motivator! I'm so glad you're here.

Little Flower--I know exactly where the skeleton of that DayTimer is, with it's calendar from a box in a closet. I don't know why I still have it, but believe me, I never use it. lol

Dang, Djan--now I want to see that first post. And I know what you mean...

Wild Magnolia...don't remind me! However, in my meticulously planned life, I managed to marry a man 7 years younger than me. With any luck, I'll be dead before he retires. lol

NCMountainwoman--me too!!!! You made me homesick for the Blue Ridge Mountains...thanks for coming by and please do come back!

Murr Brewster said...

Now I've got that old song going through my head: "how can I miss you when you won't go away?"