Monday, December 6, 2010

Pass the restraints, please...

Arrgghhh...up too late last night toying around on the internet. What a black hole we can fall into sometimes here!  I am looking for a 104 inch traverse rod to fit my living room window. Since we have lived here, I have had a long utility rod over that window and forced the drapery hooks over it every winter.(In the summer, it's just lace curtains on it). Now. This does not work well. The hooks slide off it every time the dog looks out the window or you try to open it.  But I am a cheapskate and will try to jury rig any and everything before I finally break down and spend actual money to do it right.  At any rate, I have finally been looking for a traverse rod for that window, but like everything else in this Winchester Mystery House, the 3 windows along the front are a goofy size and I have not been able to find a traverse rod long enough. Voila! Online shopping.  SO, naturally, I found about a gazillion places to order the dang things and the one I have chosen will not let me place an order. I gajiggled around with it for about an hour last night before finally going to bed frustrated.

  This morning I am tired and cranky and have to go see someone in town before work to discuss Steps 8&9.  I awoke at 8:30 (6 hours after I finally went to bed, with my little dog scratching at my bedroom door. I got up to find [thank goodness] all three dogs huddled on the couch together, the furnace running full tilt, and the front door wide open. It's about 18 degrees out there. I am constantly asking the Irishman when we are leaving if he made sure the front door latched, and he gets  all defensive and sighs loud and snarls "Yes".  Ha. Not this time, buddyboy.  Molly has figured out how to bodyslam that door and get it to pop open if it isn't securely latched. So now I am doubly cranky, and cannot wait to leave him a note regarding this transgression. Luckily, I woke up at 8:30 and so the furnace was only running for about 2 hours like that. It was 62 in here when I got up.

  That said, I am going to JC Penneys as soon as I get everyone fed and myself showered and dressed before I go visit my friend. They are supposed to have the rod and it will cost me a small fortune, but I am getting those freaking drapes up properly if it's the last thing I do this year.  I have a gorgeous set of thermal drapes that make a big difference in the winters wind keeping the chill out. Got them at the Goodwill for about 20 dollars all told. (Remember: I am one thrifty bitch, and will go this route as long as I possibly can get away with it.) But they were a blessing, the color was perfect and the size and price were just right. AND they look brand new.  I really hate having to go anywhere near a shopping mall this time of year, but I am getting that rod. One way or another.  I have ordered the Irishman's Christmas presents from Amazon (we buy each other minimal gifts...) He is getting 2 boxed sets of BBC shows that we love and since we don't have tv anymore, never get to watch. Several years ago, I got Ballykissangel, which we watch a lot. This year, he's getting The Vicar of Dibley and Waiting For God.  Both of which are great favorites of ours. 

  Okay. Off into this gloriously cold day, all gloved and jacketed and with a fierce determination to buy and install a double traverse rod before the snow comes at the end of the week.



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Hope said...

I have to tell you that I loved this post. With my windows frosted from top to bottom this morning curtains make a difference here, too.