Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here comes the snow [again]

 At least it's big fluffy white flakes... (Click to enlarge)

  The dogs and a couple of the young kitties are out in it having a ball.  The Irishman just left for a meeting and then the district mtg in the afternoon. (He's the new alt-DCM, taking my spot at the last elections). I'm home for a few more hours...thinking maybe I'll make a chicken pot pie. It'll do for his supper and a couple of lunches through the week.

  Made another fleece quilt  yesterday...finished this one in a record 2.5 hours.  Am learning new tricks all the time to make it go faster. lol  This one is for the has a black back and a print that is all multi-colored peace signs on a black background. Since it went so fast, I'm thinking about making another one for my son...they have matching recliners down in their family room where they sit in front of the big screen tv all waking hours that they're not Here's 2 views of it...
 These cost right around 25 dollars for materials...I'm looking at maybe ordering fleece online if I can find a better price, but I almost think I need to be able to run my fingers over it, as there are so many grades and thicknesses of the stuff. The size almost covers the entire top of my queen sized bed.

  We had a nice breakfast this morning and I have some dishes in there waiting for me to clean up. Some cathead puked all over the slipcover on one of the loveseats, so those blankets and the cover are in the washer. The littlest dog (we call her Snowdog this time of year) is outside frolicking and will probably stay out there unless she gets lonely.  The 2 older dogs are already back in...they don't care for it nearly as much as Caylee does.

  Saw a thing on Yahoo! this morning about the 10 worst states to retire in...naturally, IL was at the top. Fiscal problems, climate, and high taxes were the main  parameters for the listing. Sigh...the few other states I'd consider living in were on the list too.  

   Had a nice short chat with my Canadian friend yesterday...xoxoxox to you...I'm blessed by your friendship...(congrats on your new baby, Fiesta? Festiva?) lol

   Okay. I have to get some things accomplished before the day gets away from me and it's time to head south. The final countdown days til Christmas are upon us and the traffic is hellacious, the stores are jammed and people are starting to act up a little.  Please God....keep me from becoming one of them.  Amen.

   Have a beautiful Sunday, wherever you are.



Andrew said...

Fiesta is what it is. Ford has gotten great reviews for it and I'm pretty happy with it. Very user friendly I find for all the high tech features.

Staying in this Sunday. -21 C just now, about -9 F for you backward Americans. Got all I needed to do out done yesterday. No need for grocery shopping since I am headed home for Christmas in a few days.

I feel equally blessed by your friendship Dear One.

Annette said...

Again, beautiful blankets! I have found that fabric stores have the better fleece. This year though I just picked what Walmart had and while the patterns are cute, I can tell the difference in the quality.

Sounds like you have a houseful of do we and instead of the snow, we have a warm storm slowly passing through dumping tons of wind and rain. So all of our furry friends are stuck inside with us, with several potty breaks through out with us bundled and standing with umbrellas in hand. Craziness! but we love them.

Mary LA said...

Sending you love from the very hot tip of Africa. Love the pics.

Stay calm, breathe deeply. That's what I tell myself.