Wednesday, December 15, 2010

...and ICE shall rain down from the heavens....

  This is what I have been doing the past 2 days. This is the front side and below is the back.

  It's a Christmas gift for an elderly woman who is always cold. It's heavy weight fleece and was so easy to make it should be a crime. lol It really turned out nice...I might just make one for my daughter-in-law..another woman who is always cold. A person could easily make one of these in a day or less, it just took me longer because  I had to stop and leave it so many times.Takes 2 yards of each piece of fleece. one print and one solid. I got the material at Walmart and it cost me about 25 dollars.  It made a really decent sized blanket...perfect for the couch and watching tv.

   Supposed to have a mix of rain and sleet and a possible ice storm tonight.  So far, it's not looking like much, but I know better than to get too excited. It'll probably show itself around midnight, or sometime in the wee small hours of the morning...I just hope the roads are safe enough by the time I have to leave tomorrow. I have to make some kind of vegetarian potluck dish for the Irishman to take to his potluck tomorrow night. Have a lot of eggs, and am thinking about a quiche. Maybe I'll thumb through a couple of cookbooks...he talked about doing it himself, which I am all for...but that was days ago and it doesn't appear to have happened. I know the drill...about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, when he is on break at work, he'll call and say that he forgot about the potluck and needs something to take if I can manage it...or should he just go buy a vegetable plate with dip at Walmart????  lol  I might make him squirm a bit before I say yes, I knew he needed something and I have taken care of it.  Just because I can.

   My knee (yes, the one that I had surgery on almost a year ago) is killing me again. It has never really been okay and it seems to be getting worse. I am thinking about seeing a new doctor. But I hate starting anything right now, so may try to suffer through til after the first of the year. After my birthday. Anyway, I'm back eating naproxen like candy, and I hate it.  This godawful cold certainly hasn't helped any, I'm sure.

   Did a little shopping at my local family owned grocer today, and picked up a box of Clementines...they are magnificent this year, very sweet and wonderful.  Had to get more cat food, and a few other things. Bought some Swiss cheese, in case I decide to make the quiche. They have the greatest meat counter...real foods, cheeses and meats--hams, roast beefs, salamis, turkeys...I love shopping there.

   Thinking about making it an early night. I was up around 8 AM...colored my hair this morning, shopped, cooked and cleaned a little. Tomorrow I have to bake a dessert for a little get together on Friday..can't decide between cookies, bars, or Creme Brulee. LOL  I haven't made the Walnut Snowball Cookies yet...maybe that's what I'll do. And have been wanting to make biscotti too...I think I have all the stuff for that as well.  Not everyone appreciates biscotti though...Hmmm...want to make a couple of women some goodies too...sigh...isn't this just how it starts?????

  Got a lovely Christmas card form an old friend...emailed her at the addy she wrote on the card...hopefully we'll connect. I love and miss her...she lives on the north coast of California.  I haven't sent out a single card this year, though I did pass on some Xmas cartoons by email. lol

   Putting the doggies out one last time and then heading for the big quilt and down pillows. Mmmmmmm...maybe the dogs can just stay in....


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Annette said...

I just made one of those blankets tonight too! For one of my elderly clients. They are wonderful gifts and so easy to make. I see that your knots are better than mine I just tie mine in a regular knot. Anyway, beautiful work and such a great gift for our little elderly friends. :o)