Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Night/Monday Morning...

Where does the time go?? The older I get the faster it goes...and here it is, the last week of July already. Seems like we were just making plans for the gardens and ordering seeds, waiting for them to show up at the mailbox. Already I am watching the waning of some parts of the garden, and we could sure use a little rain right now.

We dug new potatoes for supper last night...a combination of the Ruby Crescents and the Banana fingerlings...OMG...they practically melt in your mouth. I picked the first of the okra, and some onions and and potatoes and tomatoes and blackberries. I need to get out there and pick cucumbers too. I think I'll have some cucmubers for breakfast, as a matter of fact. A little sea salt sprinkled on top...mmmm.

Living off the land is easy to do in the summer, especially in the summer. I picked 3 peaches yesterday that were the size of softballs. This tree is only 4 years old, so I am right proud of it. We didn't have a lot of peaches this year, as a storm took off most of the flowers. But the ones that are here are gorgeous and I can't wait to bite into one.

It's easy to look around me out here and be thankful for the abundance and prosperity I have in my life. What really amazes me is that it comes in many different forms, and not in the ways that I always used to think of abundance. I don't have much money in the bank. In fact we live pretty much paycheck to a lot of people in this country do these days. Wasn't always like this-but it is now. We have about exactly enough to pay the bills, and God help us if there's any extra emergencies. I have a grocery budget that I try really hard to stick to, and when we have more garden stuff, I buy more dry goods, etc. to stock the pantry with. But I have a beautiful little slice of country out here. It's nothing special, and it has its problems, but it's peaceful and it's a roof over our heads and it's ours. I can sit out in the backyard for hours, just listening to no other sounds than birds singing and dogs barking and roosters crowing. It's a symphony in its own right. I have enough love in my life that I am not unhappy or discontent or alone. I have enough clothes for 3 people (probably) -by some standards- and I have several pairs of shoes that I can wear. I have no running water at the moment, but I do have gallons of spring water in the back room and I do have a pond that I can bring water up for flushing toilets. It's a little primitive (What??WAY primitive, you say??) lol but it's not life and death. My loved ones are all relatively healthy and happy and unafraid. I have a program and a fellowship that, if I do my part, insures that I don't have to be a drunk ever again, if I don't want to. I have a car that runs, animals that are fed, and a relationship with my Creator.

All in all, a life of Elegant Blessings.



Steve E. said...

"Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink..."

Yep, Annie, you DO have a paradise out there.

And if someone pulls into your driveway--you know for sure, they were not simply "passing through this way"....

Lots of people "better off???" would envy you--I'm thinking of a guy who had a $4 million condo on the 18th floor. Just to go into his "house" he has to wait on the elevator.

I think of that every time I park at our front door, get off the scooter, and walk into the house- 1 minute, tops.


Prayer Girl said...

What a wonderful life.

It makes me happy to see others enjoying their lives so much.

I am happy too despite problems that may crop up from time to time.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I wish you knew how much not only I admire you but truly adore you and only wish we lived closer... I would be outside with you every day I could and near you all that you'd have me.


big Jenn said...

Lovely post. I just returned from the garden. Rain we got! My cucumbers are comming on strong! Yikes! We can hardly keep up. I've just started to buy PA peaches at the local vegetable stands, mmmmmmm!Abundance! God is good!jeNN

Madison said...

What a wonderful post. You realize that you are blessed and it's not about money.

Queenneenee said...

You sound so awesome lady. I also am living much like yourself and I am perfectly fine with that. Although I hope to never have to go without running water! Thats gotta suck!

Mary LA said...

Oh Annie you are my soul sister!


Mary LA

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Beautiful!!! I think back to my grandparents when I read your posts. They lived on a small plot of farm land with a pasture, a garden and a home that they built to share with their loved ones.

It was a wonderful experience spending my summers with them, I wish I had've retained more of the lessons over the years, but at least I retained the Spirit and am coming back to learn again! :)