Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

These are a sweet little thing called Surprise Lilies. About a month after the green sword-like leaves all die away, up pops this long green stalk and !SURPRISE! ... lilies... They're quite beautiful, and the tips of the leaves are edged in the most subtle baby blue.(Click the picture to enlarge) You can see it if you look real close. lol They come up fast, and I think they came up about 3 days ago. I have a couple of clumps of them this year...started out with just one pot from Pappy's Market.

The sun is blazing out there today. It's only about 85 degrees though, but feels quite hot when you're weeding a garden. I picked a smidgen of okra today, and 2 bell peppers and a load of cherry tomatoes and a good handful of green beans. Enough stuff, I think to saute and throw in with some pasta for supper. I have some whole grain farfalle pasta I got on sale and with sprinkling of fresh basil and some shredded parmesan cheese, it should be wonderful.

I am doing a lot of thinking about food and cooking with intention today. I have to do the opener for the Sustainable Living Class, and this session is on food. Great articles by Micheal Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver and a host of others. A Zen tale tells us to see the pot as our head and the water as our blood. The art of cooking involves preparing foods mindfully and projecting positive energy into what we eat. And part of bringing out the life force is showing loving respect for the labor involved in the cultivation and preparation of food.

I am so blessed to have the tiniest bit of awareness that I have about food and nutrition and cultivation practices. Not sure where I got it or why...but grateful that it's a part of me.

I am so blessed to have a plot where I can garden...a piece of dirt that can and will grow things.

I am so blessed to almost have water!! *grin

I am so blessed to be sober and useful human being and willing to be a part of life today.

I am so blessed ...just so blessed. By friends, and family and dogs and cats and sunshine and trees and everything.



big Jenn said...

Fresh summer vegies from the garden!I work on being present for all of it, the planting, watering, weeding harvesting and cooking. I too am grateful of my awareness of the miracle of food. jeNN ( beautiful lilies too!)

Steve E. said...

It is pure happiness to read your "Blessings"...with a smile!

Carol said...

There's nothing better than to feel blessed.

Madison said...

Sounds lovely.

Andrew said...

What a nice surprise! I see the blue fringe.