Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sultry Sunday

A day of off and on rain and overcast skies...made for napping and reading and laying around with one's leg UP. lol

I got a call this afternoon telling me that one of our lambs had gone off to be sacrificed. It was the sponsling of one of my sponslings...dead of an overdose, leaving 2 small boys without a mommy. It breaks my heart, and yet I know how she struggled and couldn't ever seem to "get" this thing... I guess now her struggling is finished and she is done with all this pain of a life lived in the grey areas.
Again I am blessed that my Creator saw fit to pull me out of that seemingly hopeless state of mind and body..once I was so beat up and hopeless that I had no where else to turn. Blessed to be teachable today, when I watch the lessons others take on for my benefit. Blessed to be able to say a prayer for the departed and the broken family left behind.

The MRI is early early tomorrow morning. I am off to bed.

Blessed Be.


Andrew said...

That is sad.

I am glad that you are getting help with the knee.

Off to Uncle Bill's memorial tomorrow in the Kootenays.

Carol said...

By the grace of God, some go one way, some go another. (Your word verification spells out b-e-a-s-t, as in beast of a disease?)

Prayer Girl said...

This breaks my heart. God bless and keep those who are unable to "get" "IT".

This humbles me beyond words. How grateful I am that I was able to "get" "IT".

Praying about your knee,
Prayer Girl