Monday, July 20, 2009

Manic Monday

(I LOVE this!! And must admit, I kyped it off another blog.)

I had so much to do today, and got a smidgen of it done. And that's okay. (in my best Stuart Smalley voice) *grin

I am in severe pain from planting the irises yesterday, as I knew I would be. I'm all hunched over , like the Grandmother of Notre But I got all the laundry done today, and went to the springs to fill 29 gallons of drinking water. Yes, 29 gallons. I nearly spit! If my lower back didn't hurt enough, by the timeI had all those jugs filled it did. I carted them around back using my trusty garden wagon and got them all into the mudroom too.

I'm a freaking work horse.

I also got groceries and went to the Rural King for scratch for my chickens, lye soap for my husband (poison ivy), biscuits for my dogs and a bottle of bleach for me. Then I picked himself up from work and came home and fixed corn on the cob on the grill with teriyaki turkey burgers and grilled fat onion slices. We ate like big dogs.

Speaking of big dogs....I called the no-kill shelter in Benld and asked if I could bring Fred there. They said they were full up and unable to take any dogs that wouldn't be immediately adoptable. That translates to : something small and cuddly and cute that people want. So, Fred is still here. Not sure what the next step will be, as we really cannot afford to take care of one more animal. Especially a 75 pound guy named Fred who likes to chase cats. Sigh...I hate to call Animal Control...they will take him to the pound and after a few days or a week, he will be put to sleep. I tried to check his ears for a microchip. If there's one there, I sure can't feel it... I know that I am such a sucker for these animals, but it breaks my heart...

I am ready for sleep....kitchens cleaned, lunches made, breakfast egg sandwich made and waiting in the microwave, litter pans scooped, food and water for cats and dogs and birds all checked and filled. My darling boy is already sawing logs for the past 3 hours. I will not be getting up at Zero Dark Thirty again tomorrow. I am staying home. One of my sponslings is coming over at noon and we will have a nice little chat about the 2nd and 3rd Steps. And lunch. Not sure what I'll make yet...perhaps a quiche....I have some beautiful cantaloupes that need eating as well, and lots of blackberries too. Maybe a quiche and a little fruit salad on the side. Yummmm....I have to get up early enough to get my juice made and straighten my house a bit.

Want to shout out a WOO HOO to Macdaddy for being nominated for a black blogger award in about a gazillion categories. This man is some kind of wonderful, baby--and I am proud to be one of his stalkers. lol xoxoxox You go, Daddy....

Wishing you all the sleep of the innocents...sweet dreams and restful bliss.



Andrew said...

You need to slow down some. Take good care, and know I love ya.

Zanejabbers said...

You are a workhorse my dear. Geez, you are justlike that energized bunny. I just hope you don't have one of those damned drums. Peacce and sweet dreams.

Prayer Girl said...

Just dropping in to say hi on Wednesday. Tuesday is a blur in my memory and I'm so glad that today brings peace and serenity into my life.

I wish the same for you. I know your time with your sponsling with bring some of just that.