Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is Thursday??

A day of days.

On a bright note, I picked up a big pile of yellow and lavender irises that a friend dug up in her yard and gave me. I just have to figure out where to plant them and then get it done.

On a less bright note, I called the doctors office this morning at 8:30. They took a ,message (about the referral) and then no one bothered to call me back all day. At 4 PM I called again, asking to be put directly back to the person in charge of the referrals. Her name is Aiyesha. She said, very nonchalantly, yes, I got the message that you called. I said well??? She said, I haven't gotten around to it yet.
I very calmly said, What? You haven't gotten around to getting me a referral to a specialist from an appointment 8 days ago? I can barely walk. Exactly how long does it take for you to call another office for a referal?
She very quietly said, No, I have not. Your chart isn't marked URGENT. So, I'll get to it whenever I can get to it.
I said WHAT ?!?!? And she said--I SAID I will get to it whenever I get to it.
At which point, seething and angry and hurting, I said "Don't bother. I will see a different doctor." And I hung up.

After I spent a moment crying in frustration, and walking around the house in circles, I called the new branch of this same healthcare foundation which just last week opened in Bunker Hill. I got a very nice woman on the phone who, when I gave her a quick rundown of the problem, apologized for what just happened. And I said I wanted to make an appointment and she said, I'm sorry, we aren't taking any more clients today, I can't get you in until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. I said, relieved, that would be perfect. I will see you at 10 o'clock. She asked for a little info so she can get my records from the database.

So, we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Tonight, my grandson is here and we had root beer floats while we watched a movie and he is now firmly ensconced in his favorite bed (hideabed in the living room) surrounded by all the dogs and cats. I'm ready for bed too.

The pain in this damned knee is now at about a level 8 constantly. I am worried that I am doing more and more damage to it by walking around on it. Trying to be sensible and keeping it elevated, which helps relieve the pain a bit. Skipped my meeting again tonight becasue it hurts to drive so badly. I may have Patrick get my crutches down from the garage storage...

I am more grateful to be sober tonight than usual. To be able to find solutions, in spite of other people. To have the clarity of mind to be able to stand up for myself and make a decision that's in my best interest. To be able to be proactive in my own healthcare. To be able to be assertive. Things I never could do when I was drinking.

I'll be way glad when my life gets back to being all full of light and laughter and rainbows shooting out my ass all the time.... I'm getting sick of hearing about all this all the time.



Steve E. said...

Annie, please take care of that knee...or you never will be able to let us know if the "Hokey-Pokey" is what it's all about!

Peace, girl!

Prayer Girl said...

I will be saying prayers....lots of them. For you, for me, for my daughter. That's a story that will be told at some later time. Don't want to now.

Love you,

Andrew said...

You go girl! Get the health care that you deserve. Prayers, or their equivalent for you.

And much Love to you

Carol said...

I hate that you're in pain. Hope that something good comes from your appt.