Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Rantz... other blog has "lost" the blogroll when I changed themes. This kind of techie stuff makes me loony. I've been screwing around with it for an hour, and can't figure out how to get it back on there.

I'm grateful for a relaxing and quiet day today. Had the young grandson Thursday and Friday and such a blessing he is!! BUT--he's still highly energetic and leaves me ready for a nap by the time he's gone home again. THIS is why young people have the

My youngest brother is coming up later this next week. Apparently his plant is on shutdown and he's got a week's vacation. So, I guess we're all meeting up down at my other brothers house for a bbq and family gathering. Criminey. We were just together in June. lol I can remember a time when I never saw any of them more than about every 5 years. Now I see them all the time, most of them are on Facebook, and they all have my phone number. What IS the world coming to?? lol

I've been thinking alot today about all the things I have to be grateful for in my life. Not the least being that I am scheduled for an MRI to get this knee taken care of. MRI on Monday, orthopedic doctor on Friday. Thank goodness. The gimpiness is getting to me...and the pain--well, never mind. Soon it will all be over. And I'll be ready to dance.

I was at a meeting on Friday night where 4 people 'fessed up to a relapse. YIKES! That may be an all time record for me. Luckily I only sponsored one of the four. lol

I was told early on that a SLIP meant S-sobriety L-loses I-it's P-priority
Another good one is EGO E-Edging G-God O-Out
And my all time favorite is NUTS N-Not U-Using T-The S-Steps

I feel especially blessed that I have been able to come here and stay here...I know that's not how it is for a lot of people. There have been a couple of wobbly times, but somehow my Creator managed to keep me firmly anchored in the middle of this tapestry of my life in Alcoholics Anonymous. For that I am forever grateful.

I feel especially blessed to be married to a guy in the program too. Most of the time. *grin
I feel especially blessed to have a son who is clean and sober almost 10 years now.
I feel especially blessed to have been given a whole new life in sobriety.

The beauty of a life filled with grace and love and a relationship with indescribable. I am glad that I didn't get what I thought I wanted (or needed) and I am forever grateful that I didn't quit...5 minutes before the miracle.



Andrew said...

I'll bet those four made for a lively meeting!

Prayers for you and yours.

Carol said...

Sweet, sweet post. Thank you.

Ginnie said...

How about "The Traditions are the bannisters of the Steps". I love all the "gems" that we have in AA.

Prayer Girl said...

As you, I am so grateful that once I got this program through total surrender, I never had to go back to Hell.

So blessed. I can never be grateful enough, but I can express that gratitude by giving back to others as I see you doing.

Love and prayers,
Prayer Girl

Queenneenee said...

The unfortunates who relapse and make it back are indeed FORTUNATE to have made it back. It scares the livin bejezus out of me when I hear their horror stories. Keeps it real for this drunk.

Steve E. said...

Annie, I'm praying for you tonight--while I'm in "praying" mode--not like ala mode...or maybe it IS?

Anyway, your MRI (repeat?) will show that you need to put your leg up. That's what is meant by, "He had one leg up on me that time..." NO!

Your pain is the big consideration. We definitely are not made to go through life suffering pain. Hope it is taken care of pronto.

Boy, FOUR 'slippees' and to realize they're doing that research so you and I and others don't have to do it!!!