Monday, May 11, 2009

Mild Mannered Monday

I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open...

Didn't sleep last night but for maybe an hour and a half. And then I had weird dreams the whole time. I didn't get a chance to nap this morning after I got back. I cleaned the house, and performed assorted and sundry housewifely duties before getting dressed and heading off to coffee with my friend. Talked to several sponsees, made some plans, and generally bustled off to my "date".

I bought a juicer, got one on sale for 50 bucks. It's a powerful one with a large feed tube and pitcher. I can't wait to fire that baby up in the morning. lol

I have to attend a noon meeting and give a sponsee her 12 year coin. I have to get my nails done. It'll be a little tight...then there's class tomorrow night. I really wanted to go to a speaker meeting and group anniversary bbq potluck, but I guess I can't do it. Man--times like these I HATE not having a second car. I have always had a car, since I was 17. This sucks.

OKay--blessings. Gratitude. sheesh...

Grateful to be sober, as usual. Grateful to have a place to blog and read other people who are travelling the road that I'm on.

ESPECIALLY grateful that the poison ivy is drying up and going away. I am dealing with minimal itching!!

Grateful for friendships.
Grateful for family.

Looking forward to tomorrow.....and going to sleep in my big comfy sleigh bed now!! Blessings are everywhere, when I open my eyes and my heart and just LOOK.


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Prayer Girl said...

When I have a sleepless night as you describe, I am usually struggling through the next day.

BUT, it's almost a guarantee of a great night's sleep the next night.

Love and prayers,