Saturday, May 9, 2009


Saturdays are my favorite day, depending on what I get to do. lol Today I got to do lots of stuff around my yard, and that's always good. I got to spend some time with a sponsee. That's always good. I got to eat a quickie Chinese lunch at my favorite little place and talk to the owner about how business goes. That's always good too.

Right now, I need to get sleepy, because I have to get up early and get all prettied up and let my baby boy take me out for a Mothers Day brunch. But my heads going a hundred miles an hour and I don't see sleep on my immediate horizon.

Mommie Cat (dearest) is trying to wean the kittens I think. Everytime they try to nurse, she barks at them and moves away. They are almost 9 weeks old now and are eating kitten chow nicely. I'm sure she's fed up with the little beggars hanging off her tata's all the time. She's staying outside for longer and longer times and hiding from them when she can. It's time.
I will call the vet about having her tested for feline leukemia and if she doesn't have it, we'll get her spayed immediately. If she does have it, I'm afraid we'll have her put to sleep. It's a miserable way to die, that disease, and she will die from it. Saddens me, but there's nothing else to do. I thought I was doing the humane thing once by letting a cat we adopted live out its life with that, but it was horrible and I vowed that I would never do it again. It's better just to get it over with and let her go to sleep and not wake up than to suffer the debilitating symptoms of fe-leuk.

I think of the blessings, elegant and otherwise, that permeate my life these days. Some of them are quite magnificent...others are equally mundane. Yet I treasure them all, and I know that the beauties of the lives we lead are balanced out like this. The good and the not so good, the happy and the sad, the love and the apathy, the abundance and the leaner times. And it's all good. There are no failures, only lessons...a fortune cookie told me once. I believe that matter what comes down the pipe, if I can learn from it, how bad can it really be? When I look at all it took for me to wind up [finally] could I have missed any of it? When I think of the experiences that have made me the woman I am could I not have wanted them to happen? People have come and gone through my life like a parade. A few have stayed in my life for a lot of years. I am grateful for all the teachers who have chosen to contribute to my life...whether they taught me how to be or how NOT to be. It's all useful information. Just like I'm grateful for every drink I took.

Today, I am a mosaic of people, places and things that have indelibly burned life into me. And I like it that way.



Steve E. said...

Dearie, you speak it SO WELL. And you are in a good place.

Steve E. said...

Ya know, I hear some peeps (not on our lists!) complain about "trudge the road to happy destiny..."

But when I think of that road I trudged to GET here, the new 'road' is NOTHING! Nothing but GOOD!

Prayer Girl said...

Hope your Mother's Day brunch was a blessing.....elegant or otherwise.

Love, prayers, and blessings,
Prayer Girl