Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

[My "East Coast Chickens"...Rhode Island Reds,
with the meanest rooster in the world.]

NO CHICKEN JOKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That's just for you, Pammie *grin)

I'm home about an hour from a wonderful llittle meeting, where we celebrated C's 2nd birthday. The cake was marvelous and everyone raved. My little knucklehead rode with me (she had 30 days yesterday) and we had a lovely chat there and back. I just love newcomers! And especially this little girl. One of my friends there offered to teach me to knit. She said she couldn't believe I didn't know how to knit--she thought I could do everything! lol I'd really love to learn to knit...I think it could be a very useful skill. SO, I shall call her and get to it. When I lived in Portland ,OR there was a woman in the meetings who was always knitting socks. It amazed me...those big soft rag wool socks that I pay over 8 dollars a pair for! I would be in heaven if I could learn to knit socks...

Anyway, it was a great evening. I picked up hubby and stopped and bought some tofu for dinner. I made a sesame teriyaki noodle dish that I added asparagus and bell pepper and onion to. It was great. I browned the tofu slices in olive oil and seasoned them with granulated garlic and black pepper. Then I cooked the whole wheat udon noodles sauced them and threw it all together. By the time I cleaned up it was time to go. But I accomplished a lot today: 2 loads of laundry, 17 jars of canned applebutter, straightened the house, baked and frosted the birthday cake, and made cards.

I am so way grateful tonight, it feels like it's bubbling out of me. lol The topic at tonight's meeting was complacency, and Creator always gives me just what I need just when I need it. We had several newcomers, 2 relapsers that made it back, and 3 old timers. And several folks in the middle. It's a good thing to talk about. When times are good, it's easy to get complacent. When times are tough, we hustle around doing all the right things, hoping to change what's happening to us. Living today, mostly in the middle of that is a good thing. As I strive for balance in my life and in my world, I can see how easy it is to tip one way or the other.
Keeping my footing on the straight and narrow requires a certain amount of effort on my part. And when I stay sober, I can do these things.

It's all good.

My gratitude list tonight:

*Sober birthday celebrations
*Laughing and feeling so much joy.
*Seeing newcomers, and remembering what that felt like.
*Getting to sleep in tomorrow and have a take-it-easy day.
*Not having to drink myself unconscious tonight.
*Living in a sober marriage.
*Loving a sober man.
*The rain that's coming tomorrow.

Off to see the Sandman....



I love newcomers too. In fact, I love old-timers and in-between timers.

Gee, I guess I just love the people in recovery with me.

AlkySeltzer said...

"My little knucklehead rode with me."

Annie, if a newly recovering man were called a " My little knucklehead", blood would be spilled.

Another of the differences between men and women!

Your husband is (also) one lucky guy--sounds like he's got a good cook, baker, and candlestick maker! And HE is married to a sober LADY!

Cat said...

Knitting was always something I had intended to learn and then i could knit everyone's christmas gifts' after making them with love and care - but again I just never got around to it...

I was lurking via Alkyseltzer's site and really like what you have here.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love both too and I love chickens and even mean roosters! Thank you for your post!