Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday wobblies

[1st day of spring in my front yard, 2007]

(Not the picture I was trying to post--it flat would not load. hmmmm)

I'm having a time uploading a picture for some reason tonight. I guess that I will write a bit and then try again later.

A peaceful nice day at home again today. The weather was beautiful, I accomplished just enough to feel productive, but not enough to break a sweat. *grin Played with the critters in the yard, cooked a lovely Soy ginger chicken and wheat noodle dinner, read a bit, and altogether took it easy.

Tonight I am tired and thinking I will be in bed within the half hour. I meant to be in bed before now, but you know how that goes.

Just got an IM from my pal, asking if I was going to the funeral tomorrow. I am not. I have been to entirely too many funerals this year. I didn't know the deceased and am not really that good of friends with the daughter. SO I'm taking a pass...I am going to dinner before the women's meeting with an absentee sponsee who called yesterday. I have been concerned about her...she relapsed after over 2 decades sober and has about 9 months now, I think, but won't stay in touch and doesn't go to hardly any meetings...this is one reason I don't like to take on sponsees after relapsing after being sober a long time. They know all the things to do, but don't do them. I talk and she nods and says, Yeah, I know, I know...and then it's just more of the same. I don't know how she stays sober...she said she doesn't pray, etc etc... but--she called and wants to get together. I think she just had a scare....

I'm grateful tonight that I haven't found it necessary to take a drink in 18+ years.

I'm grateful that it's a cloudless super starry night out there.

I'm grateful that my pets are all healthy and happy.

I'm grateful for my family.

I'm grateful I get to host Thanksgiving this year--for all 40 of us.

I'm grateful to be reminded by the Dalai Lama that ..."Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive."

So...let me be more loving and compassionate, God. Give me the opportunities, and not just the capabilities.

I'm grateful that I have a God of my understanding today, and that she reads my blog. lol

I'm grateful that God has a sense of humor. (Look at armadillos!)

I'm grateful to be on this journey...and striving to be the Annie that God dreamed me to be.

Night, all...
*****************Edited to add--there were 3 comments on this post, and I [thought] checked them all, but only 2 appeared. And now the 3rd is gone into the ethernet. Help??????????


Mary LA said...

Oh Annie. I love that quote - having a few wobblies myself but at least we know the right things to do. They may not help all at once but they keep us on the road of happy destiny.

Grateful for your friendship and support


Kathy Lynne said...

hey sober sister..thanks for visiting me...maybe that blogger convention Pammie was talking about can be in June so we can celebrate together....that clown freaks me out a little...

Akannie said...

LOL...I had no idea until I started wearing that clown suit, just how many people have clown phobias for one reason or another.


And YES!YES!YES...I host gatherings for an internet AA group every year, I was posting about to SteveE once. It's a grand time. ANd we can Party ON!, sobah sistah!!!!!

Fireman John said...

nice to see a long term recovery
person blogging; i like your outlook

Kyle said...

Wow.. snowing already in the midwest hu?

Im envious, still in the 90's here in phoenix.

J-Online said...

I just love reading your blog! Filled with lots of goodies daily. Thank you. I finally was able to add you to my sidebar. Don't know what was going on with blogger.