Sunday, October 5, 2008

Indian Summer Sunday

[The giant hostas along my back deck]

It was a beautiful day today, temps in the low 80's, blazing sun and clear blue skies. It might rain tomorrow, but for today, it was perfect.

We attended a fish fry today at the home of a friend. There were probably 40 people there, and I knew almost all of them. That's pretty amazing to me. It was really nice and fun being with that many sober people. The food was great, they provided the fish and drinks and everyone brought a dish. I made the slaw last night. It was all gone.

Then we gave a ride to a couple of people who wanted to attend the weenie roast/bonfire/speaker meeting across town . We stayed for a bit and I hooked up with 2 sponsees and got a chance to chat with both. Didn't stay for the speaker though...we are a couple of old farts who can only take SO much fun in one day, lol. We left this morning around 9 and hit a meeting, and we got home tonight around 7. That was a long day.

I'm feeling especially grateful for the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous tonight. I have lived here for a little over three years and it's like I have been here forever. I know a lot of people, thanks to meetings. I have a lunch date on Tuesday with a woman I really like, and it will be fun. She's someone I haven't known very long, maybe 6 months, but we have really connected I think, and I hope we become great friends. I could use a friend--someone who's not a sponsee, or a sponsor. Just a pal.

I'm grateful that life is what it is: a continuous learning curve, as one of my good friends always says. And knowing that if I don't grow, I go, keeps me active and vigilant and connected.

What a deal!


AlkySeltzer said...

It is just SO MUCH FUN (and mind-boggling--NOT mind-blogging!) to read about you, and others, having good times sober, with sober people. I'm enjoying ever MINUTE of these blogs! Wish there were more minutes, though.

Please get on your web page, I left a message there, not appropriate for here--I guess. Whatever!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

So, how was that fish?

Akannie said...

Quite good actually. lol It was crappie and their were 2 kinds of batter--regular and cajun.