Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday's in the country

[Me, on a bad hair day]

Just off the phone with an old friend from California. A wonderful treat, and we only talked half an hour, but will hook up again later this week. Made my night!

I'm sitting here surrounded by the critters. They are my best friends at night, and rarely leave my sight when I'm on the computer. I'm getting up early to take hubby to work so I can keep the car and go out for lunch with a friend. Unless she has to cancel. One of her sponsees' mother died tonight. I just talked to the girl at the fish fry...she is getting married in 2 weeks. What a tragic event. The mother was only 67.... She is 5 years sober...(the daughter).

It has been a week of sad of our local members succumbed to cancer on the day of his 19th birthday. My friend whose husband just died lost his mother Friday, her MIL. One of my sponsees called today hysterical. Her neighbor, who came over all the time and loved her kids, apparently murdered his father and attacked his mother at their rural home not too far from me. He is in jail, naturally. The paper said he called 911 and reported himself about an hour after he did it. They found him there at the house.

The circle of life. And on top of that, my friend that called from CA said that she has lost over 1/3 of her portfolio in the market crash. She said that a year ago she was getting nervous and wanted to pull her money out, but the guy said no, that would be a mistake and convinced her to leave it alone. She doesn't think she will ever recover any of it. She is a child therapist, and does a lot of pro bono work, as well as her job work. She had healthy inheritances from the loss of her mother and then her father. And now a lot of it is gone.

Sometimes it isn't nearly so suckey to be poor as it is to be well off, I guess. When you don't have anything to lose, maybe you win. That's sure something to think about.

My gratitude list tonight has got to start again with the fact that my house is mine, free and clear, except for taxes.

And we are still eating out of the garden.

And I have gas and a few dollars to go to lunch.

Then there's the beautiful weather lately.

The flowers that are still blooming.

And me and my family are relatively healthy.

And thanks to AA, I can be a friend when someone needs me.

And thanks to AA, I can be pretty sure I'll still be sober tomorrow.

And thanks to my Creator, I am at peace in my head and in my heart.

If I stay rooted in my AA program, I don't have to worry about spinning off the planet in the face of all the uncertainty and fear in the world today.

If I stay where my feet are, I'll be okay.



AlkySeltzer said...

This is the first time, the very first, that I read a Gratitude List, which I could have written. Well, I could have added a coule things, but that's because I've lived so many more moons than you, Annie.

Is your hair really red? Pssst, I like that "I 'don't give a damn' look"...

Akannie said... hair is really salt and peppah...and kinda curly, what's left of it. Actually I'm growing it out again, from 1/2 inch long all over to nearly my shoulders now. Too lazy and cheap for haircuts. lol Part of my new savings plan--no more haircuts and no more pedicures. Waaagghhhh!!!!!!!!!