Friday, October 17, 2008

Fantastic Friday

[My summer home in New Orleans(just kidding) the famous Corn Mansion]

The story goes that a wealthy man married a farm girl from Iowa or Nebraska or some corn state, and moved her down to Nah'lens. She was so homesick for the cornfields that he had this gorgeous wrought iron fence made with all the corn stalks and ears on it, so she could look out the windows of the big house and see her beloved corn.

What a guy!

LOL..we had a lovely day here in corntown. The farmers have started harvesting corn and soybeans, the road crews are putting last minute tar and gravel on the township roads, and I am starting to clean up my flower beds and vegetable gardens. Putting everything to bed for the winter. I have a 3 bin compost set-up, and one of them (the last one) is the one all the cleanings from the chicken coop go into. It's nothing but straw and chicken poop. It will go on top of the garden beds after I tear out the remaining plants and lay them down on top of it. The rest of the compost pile will continue to cook throughout the winter, and then by early March it will be ready to spread out along the beds as well. When you just throw everything that isn't animal products onto the beds and let it compost naturally it works well. Layered composting, we call it. The chicken stuff is way too hot to be around any growing plants, it will burn them because it's so high in nitrogenm and ammonia. But after it has set in the bin for several months and then lay on the beds throughout the winter, it makes some pretty good stuff. Black gold, they call compost. It's a beautiful sight to see, even though it's not so easy on the nose while it's breaking down. All those little microbes in there, breaking things down so they can decompose like crazy. It's magic.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for today, but let me narrow it down. lol

* A really loving family, mixed and blended and real.
* A lot of sober friends.
* Beautiful autumn days
* Plenty of time to spend with the Little Prince.
* Knowing the difference today between my needs and my wants.
* Having at least 4 copies of Big Books in my possession.
* A great reading list that has quite a few books crossed off.
* Sobriety, love and joy.

I'm pretty tired and need to hit the hay. Tomorrow morning we are having pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. The LP has been sacked out since about 9 o'clock. All this fresh air and outside adventures tucker him plum out...

All y'all...have a good night!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

I love that house... I also love pancakes and scrambled eggs... So, I'm pretty much loving this post this morning...


Ditto to todd hellskitchen comment.
I'm "down" with pancakes and scrambled eggs.

Love the house AND the fence.

Continue having a great time with the "Little Prince"

AlkySeltzer said...

House looks like an ideal venue for our first AA Blogger Conference. Steve, dream on!

Oh, and thank you for the lesson on composting, etc., etc.

We'll join LP for p'cakes and scrambled. I like bacon or GOOD sausage--have to bring our own, I bet....

Akannie said...

Actually, as you know, 'roni...the midwest is famous for some of the best sausages in the world. (Lots of German settlers 'round these parts).

I'm more a bacon girl, but hubby is a Wisconsin sausag-holic!