Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wet Wednesday

[View of the Mississippi River from New Orleans-2005]

It's been a beautiful wet Wednesday here on the Prairie. Started raining around noon, right after I was out picking green beans and bell peppers and tomatoes. I guess in the next week or so I'm going to have to harvest the oregano and sage and parsley and basil and get it hanging to dry.

I had an easy going relaxed kind of day. Read a lot, had 2 cups of nice hot tea. Made a vegetarian dinner of cheese raviolis with mushroom sauce, sauuteed fresh green beans with fresh chopped garlic, and garlic bread. It was yummy. Talked on the phone a couple of times. Listened to the rhythms of the falling rain...(isn't that a song??).

My dog Lucy was hit by the same (I suspect) 4 wheeler flying down our road as hit the JRT. I am furious. At both dog and driver. They are not supposed to even drive those damned things on the road, and the high pitched whine they emit makes the dogs chase them every time. She isn't hurt nearly as bad as the Jack Russell was...mostly just abrasions and a few cuts. She isn't limping at all...I didn't even know she was hurt until she got off the couch and there was blood everywhere. (Yes...all over the slipcover on the loveseat. sigh....Thank goodness I had out a sheet across the seat when it started to rain and both dogs were outside.) I'm going to start calling the sheriff every time I see them out on the roads. It will take them too long to get here, I'm sure, but maybe their presence will be enough. I'm really fed up with these guys.

Breathe in and Breathe out....

I'm full of gratitude tonight that my goggie isn't hurt.
I'm grateful that I didn't watch the debate.
I'm grateful that we're still eating fresh veggies out of the garden in the middle of October!
I'm grateful I just mailed the last payment for my most recent propane bill which was over 900 dollars.
I'm grateful that my husband has work this week.

I'm feeling especially blessed to have stocked pantries and plenty of food and electricity and running water. To have friends who love me and people who don't (keeps me humble).

I'm grateful to have blogbuddies, meet new people all the time., and find really funny brilliant people around the blogosphere.

Life is good and I am happy to be alive today...wasn't always the case.

Here's to nursing hurt puppies, chopping fresh garlic and sitting in companionable silence with my sweetie, reading and sipping chamomile tea.


~Tyra~ said...

Hope your puppy is ok!

Zanejabbers said...

Hi there. Sorry totake so long to visit your blog. I really appreciate you visiting mine and the comments you leave. Your fresh veggies sound very appetizing. Yum.

Pam said...

OH I'm so sorry!!!


You're making me hungry! I must admit that it's not hard to make me hungry.

Poor puppies when they're hurt. I'm glad it wasn't too serious.

Love and prayers your way.

AlkySeltzer said...

All this sadness about your puppie. What about the 900 bucks for gas?



Akannie said...

Well, spaz-a-roni...let me tell you something. Today it cost me 2.89/gallon for gas. Now, that really cheaps up a lot of driving to the vet visits.

In fact, I might just drive down to Naples, or Fort Meyers, or the beach...and pay you a little visit. (With my medium sized motor scooter chasing hurt puppy in tow.) At A suddenly -days- before- election gas price reduction.

(My DO they do that????)

Akannie...(I just left out the 47) SO watch it, buster...