Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine Apocalypse

  The Love His Heart supper I made for my sweetie on V Day.  I had to work, but made it and had it all ready for his supper when he got home.  Made him a beautiful card and la-la-la.  Soba noodles dressed in a sesame ginger dressing, beets (home canned), carrots and broccoli -steamed. Chives and sesame seeds on the noodles.  It was double yummy!

   He showered me with 3 different kinds of licorice and a card.  No chocolate. NO CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!

 What??????  lol

  On Friday, which is our regular "date night", we are going to make the trip 25 miles north and try out a new Japanese restaurant called Sakura.  That will be our VD celebration.  Dinner and possibly a movie, if I feel like I can make it through without too much coughing.  I'm still hacking away...nothing like it was...just enough to be a pain in the butt.


   I am off the next 2 days thank goodness. Things have gotten almost surreal at MissB's, as she is always on her way to go "home"  to the house of her childhood. She is seeing people that aren't there and having conversations with them. Tonight she wanted me to get the buggy around front so I could take her to the store. It's tough.They are starting her on an Altzheimer's medication, hoping that will bring her back. Maybe it will and maybe it won't.  A curious and tragic disease, Altzheimers. 


  No big plans really for the day off...laundry. And housekeeping. It's been snowy and now raining here, so you can't even tell that I mopped 2 days ago.  sigh... The dogs track in so much mud it's unreal. Bless their hearts.  I am just going to relish the opportunity I have to not have to be anywhere at any time and can do whatever I want. woohoo.


    The temps are back up in the high forties and low fifties again. Ay Carumba. This is just too weird. Man I want to plant something!!!!   My seeds came from Baker Creek...I ordered quinoa and edamame from them. I think we'll put the edamame back in the front garden this year, where we planted it 2 years ago. The deer never came near it, because our dogs are out front mostly. We had a magnificent crop there.I told the Irishman I was having daydreams about tearing up more lawn for beds and he told me to slow down a little. LOL  Stay tuned to see what

   My son has expressed an interest in growing this year and even canning. He dries lots of things, but hasn't gotten into it whole hog yet. This might be his year...(my fingers are crossed).


  The rain is about to put me to sleep, so I guess I'll start moseying off that direction. I have Vicks vaporub on my chest (helps with the coughing) and I might just take an Alka-seltzer cough and cold..because it has aspirin in it and really does help the coughing.  I'm a little bruised, as I fell in the kitchen yesterday evening. It's a ludicrous story and I won't bore you with it...but though I didn't fall FAR, I fell very HARD...and my knee hurts and my shoulder hurts and back.  The pain reliever in that fizzy stuff seems to help.


   Okay. Here's wishing you all sweet dreams and healthy days. Asking for prayers for my friend Linda who is off to have some surgical re-arranging done on Friday and needs as many good vibrations sent her way as we can summon. Be grateful, y'all, for your good health and happiness. It is a fragile thing this time of our lives and needs to be attended to with all the gusto we have.


  Here is one of my favorite Rumi poems....

     Be crumbled,
 So wildflowers will come up where you are.

     You have been stony for too many years.
Try something different.



DJan said...

I'm glad you are feeling better but really sorry you fell. I have done that myself and know what you mean about the aftermath. Glad you weren't hurt any worse.

That beautiful dinner was not only heart healthy but really attractive and colorful! But you are deficient in chocolate right now; hope you make up for that soon. :-)

Mariodacatsmom said...

your meal looked very yummy and sounded delish! Hope your cold goes away soon - they do make one feel miserable.

Beth said...

It is time for you to get well Annie because I said so!!
You make such beautiful presentations on your meals. Your guy is very lucky!

Have fun on your night out!

Rubye Jack said...

I love Japanese restaurants, the food and the ambiance are so serene. Can food be serene? ah well.

Sorry to hear things are rough at Ms. B's. I wish I would cook as healthy as you do Annie. Have a good day!

LindaM said...

Thanks Annie for everything you have done for me.
You are getting better I can tell. Take care and have fun tomorrow!