Monday, February 27, 2012

I think the train has jumped the track. Do you want your money back?

  On Sunday, my dear son was over.  We chatted for a while, he fished for a while and then the Irishman got home and the three of us sat down to a midday meal.  I was in heaven. I don't get to feed him very often.  :)

  I made a panko battered fried tofu slices with peanut sauce, soba noodles with a coconut curry sauce and steamed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, edamame, carrots, onions and garlic).  And of course, Asian slaw...Chinese cabbage with shredded carrot, minced cucumber and green onions...dressed with a rice vinegar and topped with black sesame seeds.  He loved everything--even the tofu was "okay" and he is not a tofu fan. lol

  For dessert, we had the picture at the top of the blog. A dairy free custard made from eggs, coconut milk, vanilla and coconut. I added just the tiniest bit of grated nutmeg...just a hint.  Of course, I then ruined the "dairy free" part by topping it with a little whipped cream, and sprinkled toasted coconut over it.  It was delightful. The texture was perfect.  I would definitely make it again.


  Interestingly enough, I posted this on Facebook, and my sister made a comment about ..."feed that boy a REAL meal."  I'm sure she thought she was being funny, but it pissed me off so much I deleted the post.  As I deleted the other posts that she and my sister-in-law had posted on my page (all quoting Bible verses and saying stupid stuff) about being gay...something neither of them know anything about.  I did tell her to shut up about something she knows nothing about.  And then I deleted that too. lol  Because I was doing a pretty good job of staying out of the fray, which involved a gay friend of mine and my homophobic relatives. Up to a point.  And then I can not stay silent any longer. And then a couple of my other gay friends joined the circus and  I didn't have to say any more.  lol
 Sigh...I swear. I made a remark to my friend about how slow and tedious evolution is, and we both laughed. She asked how I could have come from a family like that and I had to say,. I don't know. For years I thought I was from somewhere else...that there had been a terrible mistake of some kind or another.  lol  We laughed and she apologized to ME for getting so defensive and I was .."WHAT??"  She had nothing to apologize for, in my opinion. 

  And so goes life in the techno-age...I was laughing about this. For years and years I managed to stay at least 3 or 4 states away from my family.  And often farther. And they couldn't get through my inner circle. Now with computers, no place is safe. They can find you and make you as miserable as you let them. PLUS, I moved back to my point of origin, as I like to call it.  That didn't help...although I live far enough out that they don't bother me much. lol  (And don't get me wrong--some of them I really like!!)  lol


  It was a beautiful couple of days around these parts. I was reading blogs this morning and saw that some people north of us actually had snow, and I was surprised..  Yesterday was 65 degrees and today was about 50. And sunny and breezy and great.  The forecast for the rest of the week looks like high 40's/low 50's I may have to get out there and plant something. lol

  Tomorrow I am going to lunch with my sister and her daughter. It will be fun, and I'm looking forward to it. There is one small problem...the place we are going has the best ribs around..and I haven't had any meat in a while. I could eat them...or not.  I have to say that I am feeling better eating all these vegetables.  And I was telling the Irishman tonight that, it sounds funny, but now when I get hungry, I am REALLY hungry.  Like maybe there's not so much residual gunk in my intestines or something.  I've been doing better about easting 3 meals a day too, and making sure I eat some kind of breakfast...sometimes and egg sandwich or a peanut butter toast...sometimes an egg and toast or oatmeal.  I feel better, plus I've lost 4 pounds.  That's in about 2 weeks. long as it feels good, I will be doing it.

  I just looked up and noticed the blog title I put on here. lol  For some reason I have had that nursery rhyme humming around my head all day. Not really a nursery rhyme I guess, is it?   It's a jump rope or a hopscotch song...or some childs game that I remember.  Miss Mary Mack, mack, mack...she wore all black, black, black...with silver buttons, buttons, buttons...all down her back, back, back....
  Engine engine number nine, going down Chicago line....if the train should jump the track, do you want your money back??  My mother told me to pick the very best one.  (pointing at people and choosing for sides).

  Unfortunately, THIS train has jumped the track.  As in ...Alice doesn't live here anymore. Or--the lights are on, but nobody's home.  And--the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.  Or, she's just a french fry short of a Happy Meal.  A few ants shy of a picnic.  

  Tra la la...


  It's getting close to my new self imposed bedtime. So I shall bid thee adieu.  I watched the PBS showing of the Red White and Blues tonight where my President belted out a couple of lines of Sweet Home Chicago, with Keb Mo, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Gary Clark, Jr., Susan Tedeschi, Wayne Haines, BB King and (I know there were more, but my train has jumped the track.)  It was all a sight to behold...but I must say..(don't stone me) I was puzzled by Mick Jagger being in this lineup.

  On that note--I'm outta here.

  PS--I don't know how I did this (those goofy sections) but I can't undo it...not tonight.  sheesh...



Mary LA said...

Love your wacky titles! I get nursery rhymes and jazz riffs stuck in my head all day.

My family, as you know, was dysfunctional as hell. And I grew up in a colonial society of racists, class snobs and homophobes. Congrats to both of us on all the unlearning we've done! Your patience with the offensive stuff is so good.

LindaM said...

Annie, I also wondered about Mick Jagger in the line up:) I wasn't sure it was him but my husband is a Stones fan.....i'll say our Pres. sure has a nice voice....I thought so anyway.

I admire you for staying away from family. I stay away from some too. Its how I keep my train on the track mostly.

Kristin H. said...

I pat myself on the back often for getting far, far away from my familial weirdness in California. But you are right. Facebook has changed the playing field. Ugh.

DJan said...

I kind of like the goofy sections. They add a bit of interest to an interesting post. I wonder if you did end up having the ribs. As a vegetarian of long standing, I don't even get tempted. Your posts are always like a breath of fresh air, goofy sections and all.

Beth said...

Annie, I am with you on family. Some family is nice, too much family it just plain too much. LOL