Monday, February 6, 2012

2 AM and I'm awake....why???????

A strangely emotional roller-coaster kind of a day. I had a bit of a melt down and was all over the charts...crying, angry, hurt, stupid...  sigh...

 Everything is okay now.  And I feel exhausted from it all.  But I'm still awake and sitting at the damned computer.  And I really am tired and need sleep. I've been doing a little better (now and then) about getting to bed at a decent hour (for me). But not the last few nights. I'm blaming it on all the recuperating naps I've been taking. But I can tell you right now, it needs to stop.


    Got a call from someone today who's battling  and struggling. Part of me wants to just say--stop fighting. That may not be the right answer this time, and I'm glad  I took the time to think about it first. 

     Found out that a friend who just lost her husband a few months ago has been diagnosed with cancer herself.  She seems very flippant about it. That worries me a little...

    Got 2 phone calls on Friday from people who care about me and I have not bothered to return either of them.  No particular reason...just haven't done it.  My bad.  Feels like something weird is going on in the old melon...

      Today I was fantasizing about the local farm store getting their chicks in and how I was going to go get about 20 of them.  I don't know that I really want 20, but it sounds like a nice number.


   I had a curious episode of intestinal distress (shall we call it)...something I have not had through this entire time of being sick. Hit me with a vengeance today.   stomach cramps and the whole nine yards.  Seems to be gone now...I'm supposed to go back to MissB's tomorrow.  

  I am still coughing a little and tired. But mostly feeling much better. I did have a rather sore throat when I first woke up this morning, but it didn't last long. I thought maybe from sleeping and breathing through my mouth..

   There are sure a lot of people sick with this (and variations of this)  around here and around the country. 


  I am obviously babbling and need sleep. Good night, friends of the page...I will be better in the morning.



Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know this feeling ... why am I awake at this time and the breakdown. I've been there lately.

I just gotta figure that God is breaking something big, a new story unfolds, new experiences and new miracles to be had.

LindaM said...

I'm sorry you are going there. Thats an awful place to be but I know you will come out of it. Your intestinal distress maybe was due to the antibiotics. Are you taking probiotics at all?

I hope you wake up fresh, rested and happy again. The weight of the world can get too heavy for even the strongest amongst us.

Practical Parsimony said...

I hope you don't have anything gastrointestinal like I had. I am still suffering. And, I have not been to bed at all this past night. It's a miserable feeling, bu 2 am? That's when I usually go to bed.

Mary LA said...

A big hug Annie -- hoping you feel better in the morning. A tough time but it will pass. There will be chicks in spring.

Beth said...

Concerning your friend who just lost her husband and was diagnosed with cancer and sounded flippant.
When my husband died I was grieving so much that I really didn't care if I lived or died. I still feel that way once in awhile but I talk myself out of it.

I hope you finally get over whatever you have and begin to feel better soon.

DJan said...

You are usually so upbeat, but everybody needs a down time now and then. I also suspect the antibiotics are playing havoc with your gut. That almost always happens to me. At least the cough is almost gone. I can't drink caffeine after 3:00 in the afternoon if I want to sleep at night, and naps would definitely mess up my ability to stay asleep at night. You already nailed the culprit. :-)

the wild magnolia said...

Candid and I like this. Sometimes we are wonked out, we just are.

I am more prone to worries when I am sick.

Today more than ever the ills of others seem to pierce us through the heart and soul.

Flu viruses sometimes return. You are the sunshine girl, you will balance out soon.

Wishing you rest to restore your body and spirt and soul. ((hugs))

Mariodacatsmom said...

We should exchange phone numbers - only I didn't wake up until 5:00 - later than usual. Don't you just hate it. Hope you feel better soon.

Petit fleur said...

I love the quote by mr. George. Thanks for posting it.

I hope you are getting over whatever it is you got. Ick! We already had our version and thank the goddess it is over for now!

I like thinking of myself as a "friend of the page". Thanks for that.

Feel better.

Wendy Farrell said...

Good Day Annie - been catching up a bit on a lot of reading - dropped by to say I do hope you are a lot better now and to thank you for posting that lovely pic of my favourite chief and the quote - I bought a charcoal drawing of him (limited edition) by 'Ray Skye' way back in 1980 I was walking past this shop and it was in the window stopped me in my tracks because he spoke to me been with me ever since.