Friday, February 24, 2012

A blustery chilly Friday in February...

 This pic is from the backyard, where I (thank goodness) did not have to be.  That little black ball  in the bottom left corner, is Miss Roxie. Out doing what she can to help dad with the yard work. lol  The Irishman got his chainsaw sharpened and cut up some more downed limbs today. It's been windy as all get out...

  I chose to stay in the house and do some February getting all the grocery bags of dried basil out of the back closet and finally stripping the branches of the leaves and getting them into gallon sized Ziplock bags. 5 grocery bags of basil plants gave me 2 full bags of dried basil.  We ate a lot of basil last summer, plus I made pesto.  Had a good harvest. I'll still plant some basil this summer, but maybe not as much as last year. Open up the space to plant something else.

  Then I got busy and made a creamy carrot soup, because Wednesday I found a 25 pound bag of organic carrots for 20 dollars. WooHoo!!  I'll be juicing  some--you can be sure of that. Carrot juice is one of my favorites. The soup turned out really nice, and is thick and satisfying and we had it with slices of toasted garlic bread.

 I did some laundry and that pretty much filled up the day, since we had plans to hit a matinee.


  We went to a theater we hadn't been to before. It's about 23 or 25 miles from here, in our county seat. It's called The Marvel Theater. OH. MY. GOD.  It was delightful !!  A beautiful old 1930's art deco looking place.  We saw the new Denzel Washington movie Safe House.  It was amazing, naturally, and very violent, but otherwise mesmerizing. I love Denzel and anything he does.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that. :)

   We sorta had planned to go out for supper after the movie,. like we usually do on date night, but we were still full from that bowl of carrot soup and finally decided to just come home and eat something healthy. So far, we still haven't eaten anything. lol And seeing how it's after 9 PM now, I'm guessing that breakfast tomorrow will be the next meal. lol


  So it's been a full day and the laundry got done and I stayed warm and even blogged on my food blog. Feeling pretty productive, if I do say so myself.   And in the morning I have someone coming out in the morning and I warned her that my house is a little nasty and she said she didn't I'll quickly run the vacuum in the morning and tidy up and that will be good enough.

  I'm doing a better job of getting to bed at a more normal hour and am feeling more rested I think.  I have decided that after the first of the month I am going to do a juice fast for 3 days...I'll juice veggies and greens and maybe a little fruit thrown in here and there. This will be a good time to do it, since I don't have to leave the house if I don't want to.  I haven't done a fast in a long time, so I need to pamper myself through it.  We have eaten vegetarian meals for a week straight now...there are still 2 ham steaks in the freezer and a bag of fish. I think that's all.  (Oh wait--there might be a turkey breast...) Anyway, most all the meat is gone.  It takes a little more planning to make vegetarian meals and it isn't hard, just a matter of being mindful and thoughtful. I've been gathering recipes when I see ones that sound good and every now and then I pore over vegetarian cooking sites on Google...


  That's about all the news from Honeysuckle Hill for today. Not liking this cold snap so much....another day of it and then it's supposed to head back up to the 50's.  Fine by me.  lol

   Happy Weekend to you all...

  Be Kind.



LindaM said...

I didn't relize you were going to become vegetarian....I think its a good step to take for some people. Good luck and please post recipes! lol!

Kristin H. said...

Hey, pretty lady. Just stopping in for a bit to say hi :-)

Beth said...

Good Morning Annie,

I hope you were able to get some rest last night. It is very cold (21 degrees) and windy here this morning. I sure am ready for spring.

DJan said...

The wind died down during the night here, but I still haven't looked to see if the rain is still coming down. Isn't it amazing that something like carrot soup with a hearty bread can be so filling? I've been a vegetarian for more than forty years now (well except for fish) and never miss meat. Every once in awhile I'll enjoy some chicken soup when I'm feeling poorly. No need to be too strict as our ancestors pretty much ate everything.

Mariodacatsmom said...

So happy to hear you are getting a little more rest. Now if I could only figure this out for myself. Up again at 4:30 this morning