Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toodles to Tuesday

Mmmmm..the strawberry trifle.  Might just be time to make one of these again.  I have a potluck on Thursday night that I'm taking salad to. maybe dessert as well ??

  Woke up in the middle of the night last night with a sore throat, of all things !  Have felt borderline crummy all day. Did manage to get the spring cleaning started, and accomplished quite a bit. Been sneezing like a madman, making me wonder if it's allergies. I haven't been allergic to anything much, but who knows?? It's an exceptional year. We are being over run by nasty little buffalo gnats and the wasps seem especially bad this year as well.

  The hail didn't do any visible damage to the garden, thank goodness. It did knock a lot of the little peaches off (they're about the size of a marble right now). We were gonna thin them out anyway.  Thanks, Mother Nature!!  lol

 Made some nice vegetarian taco salads for supper...beans and rice, avocado, lettuce, carrots, onion and salsa on a toasted tortilla shell. Turned out pretty good. It was 82 today, and I didn't feel like eating anything I had to work too much on.

   I'm going to bed if I can get the dogs in. They are out there keeping the world safe...Hopefully I can sleep.

My head is stuffy and my eyes hurt...

  Off tomorrow to the recovery home for the womens meeting if I feel up to it. Really hate to miss it, as I didn't make it last week and  nobody much goes up there (it's so far).  Keeping my fingers crossed.

  Here I go...wobbling myself on off to bed....See you all tomorrow...



Ronda Laveen said...

Oh, definitely take a dessert! Hope you feel better. I feel better just knowing your dogs are keeping the world safe.

Andrew said...

Nothing like a good Taco Salad.

I too am glad that Molly, Lucy and Baby Dog are keeping the world safe.

Prayer Girl said...

The trifle looks fabulous. I hope you feel better and will be able to make your women's recovery home meeting. I know what it's like to not be able to make a meeting that brings such joy to self and others.

Yesterday I had just left home for a regularly attended meeting that I look forward to once a week and discovered I had a flat tire. Thankfully, I had my scooter to jump on and got to the meeting. Husband called AARP to come change out the tire. I was a happy lady.


DJan said...

I think you've caught a cold, the cause of the sore throat and sneezing. Spring colds are going around our part of the country right now. You probably should stay home with some soup and a good book! But knowing you, you'll be there. :-)

Enchanted Oak said...

I'm amazed you felt crummy and still managed to do quite a lot of spring cleaning. You really rock, you know that? You work hard. I'm proud of you. I wish I had some of your energy and gumption. Here's hoping you feel better...

Anonymous said...

my coworker just brought in a strawberry shortcake like cake. Coincidence I think not, strawberry trifle is in order!!! Here here!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!