Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday before the storm...

Morning!! Thought I'd jump on here and post before all hell breaks loose over the midwestern part of our program. lol  We are scheduled for some big storms today (any minute from the looks of it) bringing torrential rains, hail and high winds.  Anything I have to do of a computer nature needs doing...and NOW !!  

  I hope it doesn't tear up the irises..they look so gorgeous, purple and butter yellow...maybe I should run out and take some pics...seems like they change the weather forecast every time I go to check it though, so...anything could happen.  lol The wild roses in the front yard around the tree are in bloom and so fragrant...the smell wafts around the yard and is dizzying.  The tiny red roses at the front fence are opening too and look pretty...a deep almost black-red.  Here's some shots I just took:

As you can see, things are a'bloomin' around these parts....I'll post more pics can imagine how beautiful these irises along the rock wall are gonna be, once they spread out and fill in. I am excited at the prospect.

  It's feeling like the calm before the storm out there...and I had to come back in and take batteries out of the remote for the dvd player, because all my rechargeables won't hold a charge anymore. I don't get it--they are only about 8 years old ....LOL

 I have a tiny little kitten  (runt of the litter, the only one still not eating solid food) sitting on my shoulder,. She's a beautiful little study in black and white with a touch of stripes on the back of her head. She is the most affectionate of all of them, climbing up my pantlegs, or up the couch to crawl up and snuggle in against my throat or the crook of my elbow if I'm reading. She's adorable, and I am struggling with the idea of keeping her too. I am keeping one kitten, an adorable little ruffian of a boy that has 4 white socks and is a blackish grey medium long hair. I call him my sweet Baboo.  The Calico kitty is being picked up tomorrow by her new momma and the rest are going to a farm, along with their mothers. They will live out their days in the care of a farm family.  

  The chooks are doing well. I suspect by the end of the weekend we may try taking out the divider fence and let them into the general population.  We'll see how it goes.  They are scratching in the dirt like they lived in the wild all their lives.  lol

  Okay...time to shut down the electronics. The wind is coming up quickly and it's getting dark out there.

  Wanted to mention, we watched a delightful George Clooney movie the other night, called Men Who Stare At Goats. It was hysterically funny, just what we needed after all the revolutionary films we've been watching, where there was so much death and oppression. We watched  Che (Benecio del Toro ), then we watched The Last King of Scotland (Forrest Whittaker) and we watched When the Wind Shakes the Barley (Cillian Murphy) about the Irish revolution. (Seems like there was another one too, but I can't recall it just now)   All magnificent movies, and I highly reccomend them. But a little on the heavy side, nonetheless.

  Alrighty.  Off to the things at hand.

  Wishing you all the rain you need, more sun than you want, and peace and serenity to tie it all together...



TechnoBabe said...

Your irises are so lovely. I have a soft spot for irises. When I was a kid, each place we moved to for some reason had irises. I would nurture them and talk to them and this started when I was 3 or 4 years old. I really am amazed at the beautiful colors of yours. We have the movie Men Who Stare AT Goats in our queue with Netflix. Glad to hear it is so good. Take care. Hope the storm doesn't do much damage there.

Prayer Girl said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's funny, but I can say the same about how your posts affect me. I always come away feeling 'grounded'. Great minds think alike, act alike????? LOL :) :)

Anyway, God bless and have a wonderful day.

P.S. I absolutely adore your pictures - these and always.

Carol said...

Hope you are safe and sound and warm and dry.

DJan said...

I think you should keep little B&W kitty. I can almost see the little guy on your shoulder, your writing is so descriptive. I'm going to get that movie, I need a laugh.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

chickies and flowers ....

Love to read your blog!!! and see the beauty!

Mary said...

Beautiful flowers and the kitten too. Thank God I will have the one I have for a while yet. Lol