Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thriving on a Thursday

  It's a beautiful morning after a late afternoon and  night of outrageous lightning and thunderstorms.  The lightning was big and close and it was so incredible...the critters were a little scared, but nobody freaked out too much...

  Here's a kitty picture I just took this morning. It was after they'd chowed down on their buffet of kit kibble mixed with a little warm water and half a can of turkey and giblets canned food. The rest of the day they get dry kibble and they're still nursing now and then, but this is the best time to get pictures of them, as the rest of the day they'll be careening around corners, running and jumping and going a hundred miles an hour.  lol

  Here we have: My Sweet Baboo,  Macduff,  Skooter, and little Grey-Grey.

The other kitten, who's the smallest one, is off by himself. here he is:

We call this one Little Bit...and he's as full of piss and vinegar as any of them! lol

  It's humid today and more storms are forecast for the afternoon. I'm teetering between going back up to the plant sale and just  hanging out at home all day. I could do some basic carpets need shampooing, but it would be pointless until the rain lets up. A couple of my slipcovers need washing, but same deal. I've taken my showers apart and washed all the curtains and scrubbed those bad boys up, and washed all the bathroom rugs as well.  I could start gathering some things up for the big community yard sales that are going on this weekend and ride their coattails, as I didn't plan to do it, so no advertising or anything. That sounds like a lot of work, and it starts tomorrow. 

  OR....I could just take it easy today and enjoy the quiet and listen to the birds sing.

Hmmmmmm...not much of a contest, is it ?



Andrew said... contest!

Thank you for missing me.

DJan said...

What beautiful kitties. I love Little Bit. You make me miss having a cat. But I can share yours, right?

Cloudia said...

I like your post and your friends!

Aloha from Hawaii, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Prayer Girl said...

If I were a kitty, I would want to eat at your home.

You have a way with words when you describe what you prepare whether it is for people or animals. LOL


Joanna Jenkins said...

Makes me want to run out and pick up a kitty-- They are so sweet!

Thanks for entering my giveaway (Via TechnoBabe). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


gfid said...

sweet kitties. i miss having kitties, but i'm horribly allergic. thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words. summer blessings. snuggle those kitties for me.