Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Achh...a fine day it is to remember those who have gone before us....Said a prayer today for those in the Armed Forces, and had a little annual ritual for my dad. When he died, he wanted his ashes scattered at his favorite place on the planet.. way up in Northern California at a place called Shelter Cove.  My dad was in WWII in the US Army, part of a platoon known as the Blue Devils.  He never talked much about his time in Europe, but was fiercely proud to be an American patriot.  So, every year on Memorial Day, I have a little sit-down with his spirit, somewhere surrounded by trees.   I miss him so much...still.

  It was a good day all 'round. Finished getting the last things in the ground for the garden...mainly the edamame and some horseradish.  I downloaded the data tracking sheet from the University of Illinois, and when it's all grown and harvested, I'll send it back to them. They sent me a lot of different packets of the seed, all different maturity rates and such, I suppose. I'll be meticulous in my observations.  We got everything mulched too, except the green beans. I planted a bush bean this year instead of the pole beans.  The books say to mulch them after it gets hot and dry, so they must be prone to a root rot if you're not careful. Things are looking good out there...hope to get some pictures tomorrow.

  All the kitties got a bath today to stave off the fleas. None of them loved it.  LOL   MIss Molly the Jack Russell Terrorist got one too...she was not happy.  But all is forgiven now that everyone is dry and back to normal...and I for one am glad it's done.

  My back and hamstrings are sure feeling the strain from planting 10 rows of soybeans.  After I got them all planted, I side dressed them with about an inch of beautiful compost. I had no more than picked everything up and it started to rain. We had a good steady rain for about 30 minutes and then the sun came back out and it felt like being in a sauna. yikes!

  Little Bit is sitting here on my shoulder, reminding me of my new goal to be in bed by midnight at the latest.  I don't get nearly enough sleep, and am trying to set some new  patterns to maybe help that. I see the clock creeping up, so I'll say my goodbyes now.



Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

We went through bathing rituals as well, the two black labby type doggies on short leggers and I. First Grog, then Bailey, then me who needs a bath in the worst way after doing the two of them :)

Hope you slept well! :)

Andrew said...

What a great picture of Molly Magee!

DJan said...

I seem to be getting YOUR sleep: I had ten hours of it last night, since I feel asleep in my recliner, got up to go to bed at an ungodly early hour, and slept in -- until 6:00, that is. Love your picture of the Jack Russell! Pet Little Bit for me, ok?

Lauren said...

Your dog is so cute! Great recovery blog, too! :) Come visit me at:

I look forward to reading more from you.