Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sundays are for rambling...

 'Twas a beautiful Sunday, even though things didn't turn out quite a planned. Ever the flexible couple, we  just changed our plans to fit circumstances today. lol


  We got up early and headed out to visit the church we had chosen . We hit some road work and detours, got all turned around after missing an exit, and drove about 50 miles in the wrong direction before we realized what had happened.  The exit ramp numbers were all going the right way, so it took a while to realize we'd been on the wrong road. 

  I offered to let the Irishman go worship at the church of Bass Pro Shop that we passed...or even the Church of Cabella, which we also passed. He declined.  lol  We wound up going to a movie at the Jamestown Mall and seeing Death at a Funeral, starring Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock, along with a host of funny people. It was great and an hour and a half of belly laughing was just what the doctor ordered.
  Stopped on the way home and bought some shrimp and made scampi for supper. It was awesome...

  I came home and put the cucumbers in the ground. Checked a few other things too and hubby took the grill apart and cleaned it and is going to paint it with some grill paint we got at Home Depot when we bought the new burner setup for it. I swept the back deck [again!!]...we have had a plague of seed pods, blanketing the decks and the front porch. Hopefully the tornadic winds of the last couple of nights have finished them off.  

  Tomorrow I hope to get the garden beds ready for the seed plantings. Not a lot to do, just raking them smooth and getting the bad boys planted really. Haven't checked the weather... today was mostly overcast, but almost no rain fell.

 I have to make sure that I call the chiropractor and try to get in in the next couple of days. I have a nerve pinched in my shoulder that is causing my hands and fingers to go numb all night, every night. It is starting to happen now when I am driving's an old problem, and he fixes it every time with a few adjustments.

  The chicks are adolescents now and it's time for them to make the journey outside to the coop.  

  THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol   The constant chirping and cheeping is driving the cats insane...

  I am so glad to be back online. This blog anchors me and soothes me...and you all bless me.



Mary LA said...

Blogging has its soothing moments. Hope you get treatment soon for that pinched nerve.

Andrew said...

I have the same problem with my left shoulder. Arthritis and a couple of old injuries have deteriorated the whole thing to the point of needing to get it replaced, which should happen in the next few months.

A funny movie can have the same effect as going to church. lol.

DJan said...

I just cannot figure out what it is about the way you write that soothes ME so much. I read your words and soak up your essence through them, and it just makes me feel good. Sorry to hear about your pinched nerve, though, but it's great to know you've got a remedy.