Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunny Monday

  Ahhhhh...a picture of one of my giant ant magnets in the front yard. This peony looks better this year than it has in the 5 years we've been here.  The plant is loaded with flowers too...and crawling with ants, as peonies are if you don't put poison out, I guess. It's okay though...ants on the flowers I can handle.  Plenty to go

  Been a busy weekend and today I am taking it easy (HAH!)  by hanging out at home and doing laundry and cleaning.  Our weather went from 61 degrees last week to the low to mid 90's the past 2 days.  Ziiipppp!!!   From chilly spring to HOT.  Had to turn the air on, because the humidity is off the scale as well.  Keeping it at about 76, and that works okay.

  Listening to the local jazz station as I am in here...came in to clean off the desk and straighten this room a bit.  Sonny boy is coming by later to use the computer to file his unemployment claim for the week. He's at his inlaws right now, helping them side their garage.  I was thinking about taking him an iced coffee, because I know he won't stop for lunch or a drink either  probably.  (Because I'm his mommy, that's why.) LOL   Hard to believe my bouncing baby boy is gonna turn 39 this year...

  Worked in the garden yesterday afternoon late, once the worst of the heat was winding down. Got the okra in and a small bed of lettuce, radishes and spinach. Put onion sets in too.  Hope to get out there this evening and get some straw down, the potatoes need it and some of the other beds too.  Things are looking pretty good out there...supposed to rain again tonight and for the next few days I guess. But temps are going to stay up in the high 80's-low 90's.  Should cause a growth spurt in everything.

  I have some errands to run today, need to hit the farm store for scratch grains for the chickens and dog food.  It's also the first day of the plant sale put on by the local Landreth sisters. They have tons of stuff at great I can't miss that ! But I do need to put a $$ limit on what I spend, and buy ONLY perennials.  Sigh...  I will get some geraniums though...they are not perennial here, unless you dig them up and bring them indoors, and even then they don't do well.  I just love those perky geraniums...and I have a couple of old enamel pots, one is a wash basin and one is an old chamber pot, and I plant them both every year.  One sits out on the back deck and one on the little table on the front porch.

  Have to make a potluck dish for the Irishman to take to the class tonight. Something along the line of a vegetarian enchilada, is what I'm thinking....spinach??  Cheese and onions?? Hmmmm....

  Enjoy the day.  Looks great from here....



DJan said...

I love the pink color of your words today. Makes me feel good. As usual, you are zipping from place to place, taking care of business (and children and animals and...). Hope you have a great day and keep cool!

Hope said...

I love peonies. I've heard that the bud will not open unless there are ants. I don't know if that is an old wive's tale or not. I have yet to grow a peony plant successfully.

We had snow here over the weekend but it's mostly gone now. I have geraniums in at least a dozen planters outside (we brought them in last night because it was supposed to freeze and it did!). I love how cheery they are.

I would love to have some banty hens again and a rooster. One day.

I have yet to plant my garden - hoping for next weekend now that the snow is mostly melted. I enjoy hearing about your plants and animals and life.

Carol said...

I'm convinced that there are 2 types of people in the world, no, not addicts and non-addicts! People who geranium-philes or geranium-phobes, they either like 'em or they don't.

Mary LA said...

That peony is gorgeous -- it is too hot for peonies out here.

Thinking of you Annie --