Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday January 9, 2010

The Snowbringer. I swiped her from somewhere that evades me just now, because I thought she was so incredibly beautiful.

The mercury is registering ZERO degrees right now. It will get colder still before daylight. A friend of mine in Floriduh sent out a picture of a snowman she built yesterday. This is some crazy shit, dude. Today there was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of my old stomping grounds. They are saying that there are some gas, sewer and water leaks, some traffic lights came down, minor injuries from breaking glass, but all in major damage.I have to admit...I kinda miss earthquakes.

Heading south tomorrow to my brothers for my nieces 7th birthday party. Hard to believe--seems like she was just a baby, waiting to come home from the hospital. She had to stay a while, becasue she was a 7 month preemie and had lots of problems. BUt today she is a little hellraiser and constantly on the go. She had to have a lot of operations so she could walk, and the Shriners Hospital in St Louis were such a blessing to my family. It's one charity I never fail to support...they work miracles for families and children. Today she's one of the healthiest kids I know. (Thank you, God.)

Trying to get to bed early tonight, so I'm cutting this a little short. We watched 2 movies tonight, first Silence of the Lambs and then Hannibal. Had some wonderful Spaghetti and garlic bread for supper. A low key stay at home kind of Saturday. Nice..........

Grateful tonight to be sober and happy. Grateful that all my needs are met and all my wants are few. Grateful that I have a nice warm house to live in and that I have plenty of food to eat. That I can read and write and watch 2 movies in 1 night if I want to. That I have family who never turned their backs on me at any time during my alcoholism, even though they probably should have. That I have grandkids who have never seen me drunk.

That I can go to sleep, and wake up in the morning ready to face a new day, and be grateful for everything that comes.

Blessings and sweet dreams to all y'all....



Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) miracles are good!

I love watching Anthony Hopkins! MMMM spaghetti!

Prayer Girl said...

I think I'll swipe "The Snowbringer" from you. She is so lovely it almost takes my breath away....just like the deepest cold of snow can do.

Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your niece.


TechnoBabe said...

We had spaghetti for breakfast yesterday. My choice, not hubby's, but he liked it. We came to Nebraska from San Diego and when we saw headlines online about the earthquake we thought it might be southern CA but it was up north. So that is where you are from. I know what you mean, we got so used to the earthquakes we would watch parked cars bouncing in the street and figure that is okay. It's just California burping.