Saturday, January 23, 2010

A beautiful Saturday

It's been a very nice day today for me. Even the pain in the knee was not horrible, and I did some housekeeping and some reading and some cooking. I am making a plan for the next couple of weeks, trying to get all my ducks in a row. So far, so good. It is fiercely storming, and I should probably shut down this computer. No lightning, ut lots of thunderboomers.

I keep getting kicked off...the miracles of satellite internet. lol Not sure if I'll be able to post this or not...I've tried to put a picture on 3 times and it keeps not loading, and saying that the connection was reset. Whatever the hell that means. lol

I roasted a beautiful chicken tonight for supper, all basted with olive oil and natural juices, seasoned with a simple salt and pepper and garlic mixture. I also roasted a whole pan of sweet potatoes, white potatoes and baby onions. Cut them into big chunks and drizzled with oil and seasoned with more salt and pepper (freshly ground, of course) and then a healthy dose of rosemary. They were exquisite...especially the onions, which tend to carmelize around the edges. We ate with wild abandon!

(YES, I am reading My Life In France, by Julia Child!!!!!!!!!) LOL

Watched a very good movie tonight called Frailty...with Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaghey and Powers Booth. It was weird and scarey and too real for my taste. lol I'd recommend it, but not alongside your dinner.

The Irishman is in there now watching African Queen, with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. LOL>..I hear the marriage ceremony near the end..."Okay--I now pronounce you , man and wife--now-on with zee execution!" He's laughing himself silly...

I'm going to try to post this and get offline. I'll be back tomorrow..same time, same station.



Garykfc said...

I love roasted potatoes, yum. No parsnips! Your new fortmat makes it really easy to read. Have a great Sunday.

DJan said...

Your blog looks a whole lot different. Is everybody in the mood to change things? Glad to know you're enjoying your Saturday. I just noticed that your name isn't Akannie but Annie! I apologize for calling you that in previous comments.

Enchanted Oak said...

Loved reading about your cats and the accumulation of them the other day. We have three beagles and two young cats. We started with one beagle to keep my newly injured husband company. Had to get another beagle to keep HIM company. They got together and made baby beagles and we had to keep one to remind us of what? the pandemonium? Then my aunt shows up with four rescued kittens hand-nursed by her for two months, and could we help find homes for them? Sure, why not. Yep. Mi casa es su casa. Two kittens went to a good home, and two kittens stayed here. We are watching them go into heat regularly and keeping them steadfastly inside. All we need is two unexpected litters of kittens to make our home complete.
Love, Chris

TechnoBabe said...

You make me hungry describing all the great food. You must have leftovers for a few days when you cook a meal with so many veggies and a whole chicken. That would be nice to have the leftovers a couple days later.
Now I am going to get a whole chicken and roast it. I have never roasted a chicken.

Jackie said...

Hi there...your blog looks nice. The chicken sounds wonderful and is exactly what I have in the oven right now. I'm also reading My Life In France. Hearing about the movies you watch is fun for me since we mostly have the Disney Channel and Nick Jr. on here (grin). I hope your knee is okay today. Have a great Sunday.

Prayer Girl said...

Love your format.

Love your blog.

Love your cooking.

God bless your efforts getting 'ducks in a row'.