Sunday, March 30, 2014

A perfect Sunday morning...

 The sun is shining. It's relatively warm, and getting warmer.  Not quite warm enough to hang clothes on the line to dry, but maybe next week.  The skies are a brilliant blue with some fluffy white clouds lazing on through.  The chickens are out scratching in the dirt, making their contented noises, the birds are singing, and the sounds of spring are in the air. Neighbors doing yard work, children playing, dogs barking. Ahhhh...

  I have laundry going. One folded and put away, one in dryer and one in washer. I'm debating about changing the sheets on our bed and washing those up too. I opened a few windows and turned on 2 ceiling fans. I went out back and picked what little bits of chickweed and dandelions I could find for the chickens. I pulled up the old stalks from the chives bed and saw new chives coming up, maybe 2-3 inches tall. Spring !!  Lots of work to get started on out there.  The Irishman started digging in the bed where we'll put this years potatoes. He also cleaned out the cold flat, and I'm going to get out there today or tomorrow and plant some lettuce and some kale. There is spinach that somehow survived the winter, and it's about 2-3 inches tall too.  I'll plant another bed as well of greens and such, but this one is going in now in hopes of some early greens.

 There is wonderful music playing on the Bose ... cd called Celtic Dreams. It's serene and lively at the same time. I love Celtic music. It speaks to my soul...

 Bread dough for rolls in the bread machine. One batch already out  and formed into little balls and in the 9x13 pan to raise.  Taking them to a birthday supper at my nephews tonight for my brother. He turns 59 next week.  It will be fun. Decided the bread machine would save my poor hand from further hurt. lol

  The hand is paining me some...across the top and up the arm. Swept the porch a couple of days ago, and it's been giving me fits ever since. I was careful (I thought), but I guess you twist your wrist more than you think in that sweeping motion. It's more my hand that hurts from the sprain than the broken wrist.  It's healing...slowly but surely.  Why do I always want everything now ?  lol

  I am going to a one day womens retreat next Saturday. I can't wait. They have lots of cool stuff going on...little mini-workshops, precious stone healing, chakra clearing,  crocheting, massages, journaling, dreamwork...just neat stuff. It 's going to be at an old Girl Scout camp about 20 minutes from here. We'll be there from 8 AM til 9 PM, and everybody is bringing food and we'll have 3 meals together. I'm taking a vegetarian soup for lunch. There will be several women bringing soups, salads, etc.  I am so excited to meet a new group of women from this area that I haven't met before !

 Feelings of energy shifts keep washing over me the past few days.  I know that there have been solar flares (big ones) and there is an eclipse coming and lots of other planetary things happening.  I spent Saturday night out on the bluffs overlooking  the river for Earth Hour. About 17 of us, watching the night sky with all the lights off for an hour.  Do you know about this ??

  It was really a wonderful thing. The quiet that engulfs you when it's really dark is something we don't get to experience very often.  Then we had a bonfire and sang  and discussed a movie we watched to start this all off. About the impact of all the light that we use on the planet, the problems it causes in nature, in electric bills, in circadian cycles.  About cities like Bar Harbor Maine, where they passed ordinances about light pollution, because ..."we live here for the night skies" as one resident said.

  At any rate, the experience changed me in some small way. Looking at the constellations was breathtaking.  Picking out the constellations with 2 men from Zambia and one from India was interesting and educational. Being part of a like minded group of people was exhilarating and comforting.

  Time for lunch. The last little bit of the quinoa/chickpea soup mixed wit some of the leftover Caribbean pork stew I made the other night. And a half of a giant soft breadstick.  Yum.  I stripped the bed after all.  The second batch of rolls is nearly ready to put into pans for the second raising. Now I have NPR on the radio and eating and will jump in the shower as soon as I have finished that batch of rolls.  After that, I will bake the rolls and finish up the laundry and then maybe go sit in the porch  rocking chairs if I can fit that in.  I've been home alone since about 9 AM and it's been peaceful and relaxing.

  This life is good.



Mama Pea said...

I really need to start eating what you're eating. You get soooo much done in a day's time, Annie. Even when you have down spells, turn around and you're back on top of it with your wonderfully upbeat attitude and zest for life. I know you are happy at home but you're much more of an extrovert than I will ever be! You have such a love of your fellow man and do so much for others. All this with a (healing, thankfully, but still) broken wing! Bless you.

Akannie said...

Lots of wat5er, fiber and chicken poop. That's the recipe. lol

Life is all the good you can, wherever you can. Right ?