Monday, March 17, 2014

drumroll....and the winner is ...ME !!!!!!!

  Ain't she purty ?  A saucy little number in basic black.

  Looks a little like a medieval torture device though. But--THE CAST IS GONE !!!!!  And that's all that matters.  He said the bone is good,  and that I am to be out of the brace as much as I am in it, but might be a good idea to sleep in it for a while, and if the wrist starts feeling weak or painful to get it back on. The sprain is very bad and may take months to heal. He said it's probably going to hurt for quite some time,  but it's looking good.  I go back in a month. He said to keep moving it, but don't lift anything too heavy for a while.  He said that I don't need to worry about the bone re-breaking, unless I fall on it again like I did, otherwise, it's tough and good to go.

 I have to admit, I was a little worried. It was(is) still hurting enough, I was afraid I'd done too much, (blah,blah,blah). He said one of the problems  with casts is that at some point they start causing as much problem as they're helping.  Anyways...I am so relieved to have that darn thing off. I was having small muscle spasms in my arm and thumb and general weakness in my arm and hand. I have tendinitis in my thumb.


 I came home straightaway and started on the St. Patrick's Day feast.. lol  I considered making a loaf of Barm Brack, a lovely yeast tea bread, but it seemed like much more work/time than our favorite old Irish Soda Bread,  and I wasn't sure when I would get back from my appointment. So I elected to sweeten up the soda bread a tad more than usual and add raisins to it for the festivities. (Boy--do we know how to LIVE or what ??)  lol   I put that together and then started the main dish of colcannon and sausages.  That is a lovely supper, akin to a New England boiled dinner, sort of.  Potatoes and cabbage and onions and carrots all cooked together until soft and then mashed up with some butter and cream. Lightly mashed and chunky. Then put the cooked sausages with it and Voila! you have the Annie Kelley version. I used big sweet  turkey sausages.  It was delicious altogether. It's one of the Irishman's favorite dishes.  Last evening I made him a pitcher of blackberry lemonade from the concentrates I'd made and canned last year.  He was in heaven.  We ate and watched  a few episodes of Ballykissangel, one of our favorite BBC collections.


So it's late and I'm tired --been a big day.  I'll be heading to bed soon, but wanted to check in with some good news for a change.

Ta Ta For Now !



Susan said...

That is the most convoluted thing I've ever seen! But it must be nice to be able to take it off every now and then. I wonder if it's not the sprain that is causing you the pain? That St. Patty's Day dinner sounds so delicious - I may try to replicate it.

Akannie said...

Susan--most of it is the sprain. And the pressure from the cast was exacerbating it. And now, of course, my arm and hand are pretty weak.

It was a good dinner. yum.

Anonymous said...

You will regain strength, just give it time! I've never broken a bone, but I'm pretty sure I sprained my wrist a year and a half ago. Anyway, it's been hurting again and I'm not sure what I did to it. Time to rest it.

Mama Pea said...

I've heard every gal should have a little basic black number . . . but I'm not convinced it was meant to be the kind you have! As you say, hooray the cast is gone! (Without lugging that thing around on the end of your arm, you'll be twice the Whirling Dervish you've been!)

We're dealing with a lot of ice under a few inches of snow around here and I feel like the 2,000 year old (wo)man shuffling around outside. Such is spring time in the north woods.

Your St. Patrick's Day dinner sounded yummy. Including the homemade drink!

Akannie said...

HIH--You're ri9ght. I'm just so impatient. It's a little better every day. But hurting a lot at night. Oh well--this too shall pass.

Sprains do a lot more damage than we realize, and take a lot longer to heal.

Akannie said...

Mama Pea-- You are so9 right. I feel like the shackles are off. lol

We are currently free of precipitation of the frozen persuasion. It is in the low 50's and windy. But the weather keeps seesawing back and forth an you never know what to expect, despite the best attempts of the meteorologists.

I'm really happy with that blackberry lemonade. (It cleared my freezer out of about 4 years of frozen blackberries that hadn't been used. lol)