Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Housekeeping !

  Hello !!  I slept like a baby last night until I was awakened this morning by some tremulous dreams. I was running a restaurant kitchen again and being wooed by a tall dark handsome man who was intent on getting me to run away with him. lol  I woke up remembering how exhilarating and exhausting that kind of work is, and how much I miss it sometimes.

  I woke up with a better attitude than I had yesterday. Though I must admit, my massage and chiro appointment helped too, once I finally got there. It was late in the afternoon, giving me plenty of time in the early parts of the day to have a hissy fit or two and a near meltdown. Nothing big. Just me hurting too much and being frustrated and depressed at all this. AND...the steroid shot in my knee seems to be wearing off already, and I am back to limping and hurting.  A couple of times it just got to be too much and I came a little unraveled.

 I have some women coming over tomorrow morning and was trying to get the house cleaned up a little. Ha.  I made a valiant start--set a time to start and turn off the computer. Made a list (a reasonable list with only 9 things on it). Ate a healthy breakfast of granola, banana and greek yogurt. Had one cup of coffee.  


 Then the boy came in and said--shall we do the fridge transfer and I said yes. (It was actually on my list, since he moved the new one into the house yesterday from the garage and it was sitting in the middle of the walkway).  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

  Let me qualify what I'm about to tell you by saying that there has not been a working light in that refrigerator for months. I have been in a cast/splint for 5 weeks now. The dog ate my homework.  Oh,

  What a freaking mess that fridge was.  Stuff way in the back that you couldn't see (and it has deep shelves--I've probably lost 1/3 of my refrigerator shelf space with this new one).  Some really OLD stuff. It was also a side by side and the new one is the freezer at the top. So...Most of the freezer stuff made the cut--a few things so old they had to go--and a few things went out into the big freezer.  So I composted, threw away and washed a gazillion containers and jars. And it has taken me almost all day. In between here and there I have managed to make supper for my beloved, make a pot of vegetable beef soup for my friends coming tomorrow for lunch and get my desk cleaned off.  I still need to clean the bathrooms, dust, run the vac, empty the dryer, clean the birdcage and clean the kitchen.

  I am supposed to go to a meeting tonight in about an hour and a half--I may not make it. I'm getting a little tired.

  On a VERY bright note...I hooked up with an old friend on Facebook last night that I had lost track of  for about 20 years. I called her today and we chatted and caught up for about an hour. It was so wonderful to hear her voice !!  I was feeling a little teary talking to her and missing my old home on the north coast of California.

  Well--gotta run. One of the dogs just puked in at least 3 places in the hallway and living room. Sigh...oh well. At least I hadn't cleaned that yet.



Mama Pea said...

Aw, Annie. Despite feeling bad when reading about how much you're still hurting, you gave me a couple of good chuckles while reading this post. You are a true delight!

Mariodacatsmom said...

Anne, you are such an inspiration. I have no right to complain after listening to you. You are hurting too, my friend. I have a new blog post - finally. Sorry I've been missing.

Rita said...

Well, I am all caught up again. Whew! You really do need to slow down and quit using that arm/fingers so much--but I know you will do what you're going to do--LOL! I can totally relate to being sick of pain At least you know that this will pass eventually. You have reminded me of how glad I am it was my left arm that got the permanent muscle damage. ;) Won't be too long and you will finally get the new cast off...and spring will come. things will be looking brighter and brighter. ;) :)

Akannie said...

Hey Mama Pea...rolling with the punches here. Better to laugh than to cry, right ?? lol

Akannie said...

Hi Mary--I dropped by. I know you understand...I was laughing yesterday at the chiropractor, when he asked me if I was having lower back pain. I said well, yeah--since about 2001. I have so much chronic and residual pain from getting flattened by that 80,000 lb fork truck that I can barely tell when I'm hurting from something new like that.

It all gets relative...right now I lifted the plastic lid on the dog food container and my wrist feels like I broke it all over again. I came in here and 2 more Naproxen. I still have a couple of pain pills left, but don't want to take them if I don't have to. That stuff gets expensive....

Akannie said...

You know Rita...I was thinking today about how weird it is that people are treating me differently because I'm running around with my arm in a sling. lol I will be glad to have some freedom back when this is all over. On the other hand, I'm impressed with how good I'm getting at doing things with my non-dominant hand !

Ashling said...

How cool to connect with your old friend!

I know being forced to take it easy (easier) is tough on you, but try to be gentle and patient with yourself,

Akannie said...

I'm doing okay,'s just hard to remember not to use it, and almost impossible to do some things with one hand...

Oh well---6 more days and we'll see.

PS--Really good to see you again !!