Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rainy and about 45 degrees today...

 I feel a little like Rainbow Woman today.

 I'm not leaving this house.  I have no dr appointments, no commitments, no nothing. WOO HOO !!!

 I do have a plan towards some cooking though. A stew of some sort. Either a Hobbit Stew (roasted root veggies) or perhaps a Caribbean Pork Stew.  I want to bake some yeast rolls.  I want to make a dessert of some sort.  Pie, maybe??  Coconut custard maybe, with toasted coconut on top?   I need to make some granola, himself has finished off the last gallon of it I made, and put the jar out IN PLAIN SIGHT so I wouldn't miss it. lol   

  That sounds like a day full of householding, doesn't it ?  I have no intention of venturing any farther from the house than the chicken coop. It needs cleaning and the regular egg check.  The rain is supposed to stop pretty soon, but so far it starts and stops.  So...I had a sandwich.  lol

 I feel lazy. And tired. And  am going to take this day slowly and mindfully.  I have a new book, a crime thriller from the "Queen of Scandinavian crime fiction"  Liza Marklund.  I'll be resting on the couch off and on reading too. I've been traveling to town 3 x a week for chiropractic care for my poor neck and shoulders It's getting better.  I had acupuncture on my knee yesterday too. Don't know if it has helped or not.  But it isn't worse.  I have also been hitting a LOT of meetings and appointments with people, and you know how I get when I am not home enough.  Crabby.  Irritable.  Discontent.

 Yesterday the only things I had to do were the chiro and then meet up with my niece and sister-in-law for lunch. Then I came home  and read a little and lay on the heating pad. I had some chicken thighs in the freezer, so I got those out and put them into the oven and made a Paprika Chicken for supper. Smashed up some red potatoes with the jackets on and stir fried a big skillet of vegetables with Italian seasonings on them.  Voila!  We watched an old movie called With Honors  as we ate...starred Joe Pesci, Brendan Fraser, Patrick Dempsey...quite good.  I must have picked it up in one of my thrift store deals, because I don't recall having ever watched it, and it was marked 75 cents. lol 

  Well, it looks like the water has stopped, so maybe I'll head out to the girls and get cleaning.  Maybe some fresh air will get me going, because honestly, I could sit at this computer all day.

  The wrist is still sore, but getting a little better every day. I still have a bit of swelling and bruising that you can see, but all in all (even though it isn't healing fast enough)  I feel optimistic.  Sort of. Truthfully--last night I started writing this and was an emotional wreck. Wrote and wrote and wrote and will never publish it.  But it was cathartic, apparently, and that's what I needed. Having a ..."life hasn't turned out like I'd planned and now I'm old" kind of moment.  Boo Hoo.  Thank God I have some tools today to help me through times like that.

 Alright chickens, here I come...



Beth said...

Annie, you are not old. Now I am old!!
The rain is still coming down here and it is very depressing.
I am glad your wrist is healing. Take care!!

Akannie said...

Thanks I DO have a lot of miles !!!!

Feel better, dearie...

thewiildmagnola said...

"live hasn't turned out like I planned it, and now I am old." it is this way for me too.

looks like i will be making another change, ;-/, and at this advanced age. I have tried for 3 years in this relationship, when he me to come back, i should have said no.

anyway, i will be in another city in Florida, still making my own sunshine.

glad your cast is off....surely the rains will cease and spring will show up.

Akannie said...

Oh Sandra...change never gets easier either. Some days I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop around here as well...I feel change in the air, and whatever comes, I will be ready for it. I guess.

The rains are starting again (9:30 PM)...I need more sunshine. And I need it soon.

Mama Pea said...

Coming late to the party here. (Where the heck did the last week go??)

I don't know anyone who reaches the ripe young age of 50-60-70 and doesn't feel sad or angry or have regrets about how their life has turned out. If I could somehow do it over again, boy howdy! Would I do some (most?!) things differently. But as long as we still wake up every day, there is the option of lots of wonderful-ness ahead. It's a pain in the patoot sometimes (last night I wanted a dish of ice cream soooo bad!) but I try really hard to eat right so my body doesn't fall apart and keep a good attitude. (I don't always succeed.) And I refuse to think of myself as old (although I could probably be your mother) because that's when I'll start feeling old. There is too much to do yet so I'm not going there. Denial? Perhaps, but why should I accept and be okay with something I don't want?

Good golly, Miss Molly, I really went off on a rant, didn't I?

Akannie said... did indeed. Thank Goodness.

You are right. And unless you're in your eighties, I don't think you could be old enough to be my mother. Unless of course, like me,you were a child bride. :)