Friday, January 25, 2013


 I am practicing some extra gratitude today to try and still my whirlwind mind.  I have decided that I should tackle a few projects today, to keep my hands and brains busy...I'm so worried about my little doggie and having a terrible time keeping from going over the top about it all. I'm watching her breathing so hard and her little heart is still beating faster than it should and the vet put her on antibiotics..I'm not sure why as I never did get a straight answer out of him. Every time I asked him, he would revert back to wanting to do all those extra tests , blah blah blah... I am really trying to trust that it's going to be alright, but it sure is hard.

  So.  Grateful heart, peaceful mind.  Okay.

  I'm doing some laundry right now. I am going to tackle that guest room closet/pantry, because it's such a mess I can't find anything in there. I am also going to organize my office a little better.  Not sure just how yet, but it's important that it get done. Yesterday I put up a parquet vinyl tile about 1/3 of the way up the little hallway wall. It turned out pretty good, but was also a little harder than I thought it was going to be. lol  The cutting part.  That hallway wall gets slammed all the time with dogs and dog balls...we play fetch with Miss Molly McGee, the Jack Russell Terrorist by throwing the ball down the hallway.  She and it bounce off that wall like players in a jai alai game .  It is constantly dirty and gross looking.  SInce I know for sure that the game will never change, I have decided the path of least resistance to be covering it with something that is washable, and won't show up everything like the sage green wall does. Voila! I thought about something chic, like small pieces of driftwood glued to the wall in a pattern...and realized that A) I don't live by the sea anymore and B) It's so dusty out here in the country that it would just be a new and probably harder thing to keep clean. Then I remembered the vinyl tiles. We used them last year when my son put all new hardware on the kitchen cabinets and lined the shelves and bottoms of all the cabinets with the tile, which would take a beating and be very easy to clean. I had just enough of them left over. So far they're holding, but if they don't, my son brought me some spray adhesive to put them up with. (If I had waited another hour to do the job, he would have been here with it and probably done it for me. lol) 

  The Irishman has been out in the front yard pruning fruit trees this morning.  He's going out later to try to find a new work coat. His job trashes his clothing, so I gently suggested he go to thrift stores and try first. I buy all his jeans and T-shirts from Goodwill.  It's crazy to pay new prices for stuff that's going to have welding torch holes burned in it the first time he wears them, or that tar stuff he paints pipe with that doesn't come off.  I really hope he can find something--he's apparently going on his own...and he's not a patient shopper. Sigh....

  I started a new jar of orange peels and vinegar cleaner.  I have a full spray bottle of the cleaner, but it takes a few weeks for the vinegar and orange to really infuse.  It makes a nice cleaner and I've been doing this for a few years now.  I found a recipe for making regular liquid dish soap that I'm going to try too...maybe next week. That should be interesting... 

  Wellll..........guess I've lollygagged around here enough. Little Roxie is sleeping in a patch of sunlight, the temps outside have hit 35 on their way to warm. The laundry is going, filling the house with the clean smells of a little bleach and homemade detergent.  The boyo just came in for a minute, off work early today and came home with a plethora of leftover marble, granite and adhesives and grout from the job they just finished. He said the guy told him--this is going in the dumpster unless you want it. So, he loaded it all up in his truck and took it to his storage unit. He said that those boxes of black granite tile are at least a hundred bucks each, and he got 5 of them. Perks of being the tile guy, lol.

  The Irishman is off on his shopping spree. This should be interesting. There are 2 things that he and I rarely do together and shopping is one of them. (The other is going to Mass with his parents). lol

 I'm off to tackle the back pantry.  Wish me luck.



Buttons said...

You made me laugh with the last line:)
I am really interested in your vinegar/orange cleaner if you have a recipe I would not mind having it.You can post it or email me that would be wonderful.
I hope everything works out without the vets intervention. B

Beth said...

Still in the prayer mode for Roxie and for you!


DJan said...

I wish there was some way I could make it all all right. Praying for Roxie.

Carol said...

I have a Jack too, I'll put apic of her up next. They do rule the roost

Mary LA said...

Little Roxie is in my thoughts at the moment. To be with an animal when they are unwell or in pain is so very hard, take care of yourself.

I'm going to try that liquid soap too Annie -- from the same site you posted on FB I learned how to resprout celery bottoms and that works well.

My home is very 'lived in' from dogs chewing the skirting boards and scratching the wooden back door. One of these days I'll have to redo it all.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Oh dear, hope your Roxie will be okay. Mario is still purring for her. It's so hard to have a furbaby not feel well. They are like children to most of us who have them. Hugs.

Mama Pea said...

If you do come up with a good liquid dish soap, I'd really be interested in the recipe if you want to share.

Hoping that Roxie gets over what's ailing her quickly. Times like this, ya sure do wish they could talk! But at least I do think they appreciate the comfort and extra care we give them.

Petit fleur said...

Good luck on the pantry. I hope your little doggie is ok. It's sad when they are sick.