Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here we go...

 The very first day of the year...now in it's jammies and heading for bed.  It was a cold dry day here on Honeysuckle Hill...perfect for staying in and watching movies and eating popcorn.  So, that's what we did.

 Last nights celebration was stupendous. The lobster tails were broiled to perfection. The steaks were amazing, considering I cooked them in a bit of butter and olive oil in my big cast iron skillet. Actually I do them like that anytime the weather isn't conducive to using the outdoor grill, and we really like them like that. It sears the outside and leaves the inside pink, just the way we like them.  I made a brown and wild rice pilaf, mixed with leftover sauteed cabbage and garlic, onions and crimini mushrooms. And a beautiful mixed greens salad with vegetables and steamed baby beets from our garden. It was fantastic. For dessert we had an Impossible Coconut Custard pie.

Let me tell you something...that dang pie was scrumptious !  And even though I ran out of milk and had to use evaporated mixed with water, the filling was still beautiful and custard-y.  It's one of those recipes that has flour mixed into the pie filling, and so creates this thin layer on the bottom...and we loved it ! It looks like hashbrowns.  lol   I'm going to put the recipe on my other blog...

  So, we ate until we could barely move (not really) and then at midnight (miracle of miracles, we were still awake), we opened a bottle of sparkling grape juice and toasted in the new year.  I got an immediate headache from it. Not sure if it was the sugar or what. I was in bed by 1 and snuggled up to my husband, and thankful for our life together.

  This morning I didn't get up until almost 10. Shocking !! lol  When I had a little coffee in me, I asked the Irishman if he was hungry and we looked at each other and laughed.  So, I got out the leftover rice pilaf and heated some up, divided it into 2 bowls and poached us each 2 eggs to go on top. It was perfect.
  We talked about going to the movies. We talked about cleaning out the guest room closet. We talked about taking the dogs to the park. (I really had no intention of doing that...the temps here today never hit 30.  It's 15 right now.)  In the end we drove into town and picked up 3 movies and came home and made the worlds biggest bowl of buttered popcorn, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and drank a small bottle of root beer. For supper I made us plates of sliced apples and cheese, summer sausage and fried ham bits, sesame crackers, quinoa tortilla chips and spinach dip. And, of course, more pie.

  I have started book 2 of the Hunger Games Trilogy, called Catching Fire.  

  So, here we go. Into the new year.  I didn't really make any resolutions this year, which is strange because I usually do. I have randomly thought about things I want to do differently, and things I want to do more of. But I'm afraid that's about it. lol

  Tomorrow I will clean out that guest room closet, which is a catch-all repository for everything from wrapping paper to kitchen appliances to apple butter to cans of paint that can't be left in the garage to freeze over the winter.  It should be exciting, rather like an archaeological dig, I suppose.

  For now, I am going to try to establish a regular bedtime of midnight or so. I feel better when I sleep regular hours. And already tonight, I am up past midnight...so--farewell !!



Buttons said...

May 2013 be a very good year filled with blessings and joy. I slept through the New Year and still slept in you did much better than I. B

Ashling said...

Perfect end, perfect beginning! I'm truly happy for you having such gentle and abundant bookends. Wishing you a glorious new year!

Mariodacatsmom said...

You are making my mouth water again with all those good tasting means. Do you hire out? Happy New Year friends. Hope it's a great one for you.

Petit fleur said...

Sounds like fun.

You're right about the pie. It does look like hash-browns!

Akannie said...

Thank you Buttons. All the best to you and yours as well! And I think we work so hard during the growing season, we deserve a little rest in the wionter. It's the Great Cosmic Scheme of Things. lol

Ashling--And the same to you, dear girl. Is upstate New York staying pretty colod? It's 12-16 here the past couple of mornings.

MDCM--I don't have time top hire out. lol People ask me all the time though. I walked into a meeting the other day, and someone said--My God, when are you going to get a cooking show ??? lol

Little Flower..I know, right? And the most beautiful golden brown..probably mostly because of my fresh eggs... Did you gys have a fun NYE ?? How's the little one's school situation--better I hope ? xoxoxo