Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27,2009...Tuesday night

(I know, I know...you've seen this before. But..it amuses me.)


Long busy day again today and another tomorrow. I will be up at 5 (ohgod-it'safternidnightnow!!!!!!!!!!!) and am meeting with someone at 9 and then someone else at noon. I am full to the brim with newcomer sponslings suddenly. I always have one or two, but right now I have 5. And all the others. Of course the others are not high maintenance at all, as they range from 1 year to 16 years sober. Let me rephrase that. LOL. Many of them aren't high maintenance. In the past month, I have given out a 1 year and a 3 year and a 14 coin. A 6 month coin. 2- 30 day coins. And it has all been a giant blessing to me. My life in sobriety has been filled with grace and people and love and annoyances. And I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

Autumn is upon us. The colors are breathtaking this year (because of all the rain I guess). I walk/drive around with my mouth hanging open every day. Detour Road is glorious...looks like the Master Painter dipped his brush in crimson and gold and magenta and orange and then flung it about madly. I love the fact that it's cool, and you can smell the woodsmoke in the air. The fat woolly caterpillars are everywhere. A few days ago, we had a splash of warm temperatures that brought on an invasion of ladybugs and it was like a Hitchcock movie out here! Gazillions of them....swarming like hornets. It was a trip. Beautiful chrysanthemums are everywhere...burgundy, gold, dark orange and cream. The cattails are a gorgeous orange gold color...right before they turn brown. Lots of rain has brought the green back to the grass.

I think about all the years I drank myself into not seeing any of the beautiful world around me. I see now what I missed. And I have had the good fortune to live in some of the most extraordinary places in this country. I am glad I can experience and appreciate the beauty today. That I can sit out back and take a deep breath and feel the hand of God all around me. That I have ..."Nowhere to go...No one to be...Nothing to do.".... And can saturate myself with nature and all her blessings. The first year I was sober I was out walking on the beach at Humboldt bay and marvelling at all the things I'd never noticed before...and I had lived there a long time. I looked up from the sand to see a large pod of whales migrating...it took my breath away. Today my life is all about moments which take my breath away. Flowers, sunsets, butterflies, love. The smell of fresh baked bread. A perfect brown egg.

I am especially blessed.....



Madison said...

Thank you for writing. Bringing your blessings to your blog somehow blesses me. It shows the power of one.

Mary LA said...

I'm inclined to think of myself as a long-distance sposling of yours.

Not high-maintenance except at full moon and when I find another grey hair or fall in love with another Bad-tempered Irishman.

Are you doing Nanowrimo?

Love you Annie.

Mary LA

Andrew said...

Living life to it's fullest. You are an amazing woman and inspire me in so many ways.

I love you.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh I hope you take some time when your busy time is over, but the manner in which you paint your scenery in this blog is amazing to me...and yes when I drank there was no way I was going to see any of it either.

Thank you for this most blessed post reminding me of the beauty that abounds me, the colors here in WV are amazing, the joy of all of it stupendous and jaw dropping.

Much love

thailandchani said...

Wow! It does sound like you live in a beautiful place!

I also remember those drinking days.. when nothing was able to get in.. and not much got out, either.


enchantedoak said...

What a beautiful post! You made me salivate with all those colors and crazy insects, and you made me laugh with your sponslings, and you made me grateful all over again with your talk of how much you missed of life when you were drinking. I saw a sign the other day in a coffee shop: What matters is not the number of breaths you take, but the number of things that take your breath away.