Monday, October 5, 2009

Middle of the road Monday

A little pig pile of contented kitties...


A fullish day...beginning with a meeting at noon and ending with our Deep Ecology class. The meeting was on Chapter 3 (a big book study) and the Deep Ecology session was on Native American Wisdom regarding ecology and living on the earth. It was a lively discussion, the most interesting question being..."Native Americans believe that praying, chanting and drumming are ways of giving energy back to the plants, water and animals. Do you believe this is possible? What would it mean and what form would it take?" Which led into a half hour discussion of positive energy, quantum physics and intention. Quite stimulating...

I spent some time this morning early in the back gardens...assessing and writing in my garden journal. Then I gave thanks to the earth for being a fertile growing place that nourishes our bodies. I often chant around my property...and dance, and I smudge our living space regularly. It's all part of my gratitude rituals. Blessing our life, blessing our home.

Today the water district guys came yet again...this time spraying a ground up straw mulch over the areas they reseeded. It made a complete mess of my front porch and rocking chairs, lol. They offered to sweep it up, but I graciously thanked them and said I'd do it myself.

It's warmer today and now tonight. Only 53 at 1 AM, while it has been in the low 40's by now.

I love autumn, but could do without all these freaking Halloween decorations. When did this start, this putting up colored lights and giant inflatable pumpkins and stuff??? The people around here are maniacs with this stuff. Giant witches stuck through trees, cartoonish Draculas and Mummies. Orange and black twinkle's crazy. I've got nothing against Halloween, but when did it become a major holiday? And where was I ??? lol

I'm ready for bed and looking back over my day, I have no complaints. I am blessed with a plethora of friends, time to do things that excite me, and the ability to enjoy it all. I am blessed to have full use of my senses...I am not blind or deaf or mute. I can reach out and touch the real world, since I live on the earth and not in a high rise apartment in the Bronx. I can grow food which nourishes my soul in the growing and my body in the harvesting. I can watch kittens play in the grass and dogs get all protective and territorial when a stranger pulls in the driveway. I can read books and dream of far away places and make pictures and love with every ounce of my being.

I am especially blessed.



Steve E. said...

You ARE blest, Annie. And I am truly blest for having met you. I think of that huge "back TEN" full of beautiful green grass, and gardens and stuff growing just EVERYWHERE. You would have made a good "Eve". And i bet you LOVE apples --grin!

Andrew said...

Me, I'm just starting a new day. I know it's up to me how it goes.

Love you.

Mary LA said...

A kitty tangle!

We understand so little as yet about the exchange of subtler energies. I wish I could sit down with you for a long chat.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

The deep ecology class sound fascinating and fun!!!!!

One of the things I loved about going to Powwows when I lived in MI was the drum circles so powerful feeling the beat in you gut and hearing the chanting as well...knowing it's all One...

“From the winds we’ll catch a bit of that wondrous feeling, that comes not from seeing, but from being part of nature.” ~Gwen Frostic~

Prayer Girl said...

I hate to be on this somewhat negative kick, but I am sick and tired of 90+ degree temps. I'm ready for some of your cooler (colder) temperatures. Sounds wonderful.