Monday, October 12, 2009


A chilly and early morning here...Have someone coming over at 11, so I wanted to get up early and clean house a little. My lovely doggies woke me up at 6 barking their fool heads off. I've just started my coffee and am awakening from the dream a little. lol

I've made a list of things to do, and will try to complete as many of them as possible...I need to get cream for my coffee, as I forgot it yesterday and had exactly enough for one cup. Sitting here making lists and waiting for the computer to come on, I have cleaned my desk, which was a mess. Fixed the calendars (god--is it really the middle of the month already!!! lol) . Turned the dryer on to finish drying the loveseat cover and blankets that I washed last night. The big quilt that saves the sofa from the dirty dogs s in the washer, waiting it's turn to be tumble dried. I have at least one kitten in heat, as I see spatters of blood on the dictionary pages where she sat. I shouldn't even still have these 2 female cats...they are supposed to be in their new home. Maybe by the end of the week. I'll vacuum and dust and make things a bit more presentable. Also need to mop the wood floors, they're a mess from dogs tracking in muddy footprints on Friday. That's about the size of it.

Had a good weekend, filled with meetings and fellowship. Yesterday we went up river to a little town called Kampsville, right on the banks of the Illinois River. They have a weekend festival called Old Settlers Days this time of year and we have been going a few years in a row now. It's fun and we tromped through the exhibits and ate chicken and dumplings and had homemade root beer...there was a booth making fresh potato chips...that's always good. Lots of pioneer type demonstrations going on, black powder shoots (not my favorite part), and people running around in period costumes.

Well, just got an email from my visitor asking for directions. Guess I'd better get cleaning...

One of the readings I do in the morning said this today:

.........."Wherever I go, I make myself at home by sharing the love in my heart.
I am encouraged as I look for the best in every person and situation.
I have faith that whatever I seek, I will find."

With those comforting words, I bid you adieu for now. Have a blessed and satisfying day...



Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Have an awesome day!!! I love the photo...reminds me of home back in the midwest...I'm sure the trees behind my parents house are just full of the autumnal rainbow of colors!

Andrew said...

I have been having very vivid dreams all weekend.

And yes, I believe I always find what I am looking for.

Prayer Girl said...

You can send some of that chilliness down South here. I would welcome it. In the meantime, enjoy it yourself.

Your doggies and kittens are so lucky to be in your home - they receive such loving care from you.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

How is it we live in different states and yet seem to share the same life...LOL! I have many dog quilts so we can rotate as they make one all doggy haired and such, no kitties though. It's finally getting chilly here and I love it feels like fall.

Thank you for all the reminders of the greatness that is life.