Monday, August 17, 2009

What's in a Monday?

The storms have passed for today, I think. Leaving a trail of destruction, the whipping winds knocked limbs and branches off trees and scattered things around the yard. I was lucky to finish filling the 50+ gallons of spring water and pulling in the driveway this afternoon just as it was starting. My son was here earlier and said it is supposed to rain the next 4 days. wowsa.

  • The world always feels so clean and fresh after the storms. I love that.
  • Fred the dog has a new home. (See my other blog, akannie@wordpress) Yippee. Spread the love!
  • Tomorrow I am lunching with my baby sister and then hitting a potluck for supper. WooHoo!! No cooking all day!!!!
  • I am having a time with something, and a drink hasn't even entered my mind.
  • I have been weepy all day, and the tears feel cleansing.
  • I'm glad I know that This too Shall Pass.
  • I'm grateful to have friends I can lean on sometimes.
  • I'm blessed to be a pretty healthy old girl.
  • Other people are living life on life's terms, and showing me how it's done.
  • I'm obsessing over a follower on this blog who has removed their name. Can't figure out who it is...or why. lol
  • I have NEVER been good at MYOB.
  • My sister is coming in a couple of weeks. I haven't seen her in a while.
  • I have a niece who is drinking like crazy, and I want to hit her upside the head.
  • I haven't done it.
  • But I want to.
  • I read about a wonderful place near where I used to live in California. I want to go there.
  • Just for today, I'm not running away.
  • Just for today, it isn't necessary for me to drink away my problems.
  • I'm especially blessed....and I need to remember that.



Andrew said...

I think that is me who stopped officially following your blog here. I made some changes to my google profile and must have deleted the blogs I follow when doing that, as I don't follow any google blogs now apparently. I do read all new entries here though.

So there is one thing you can quit obsessing about!

So what's the hold up with County water?

Gabriella Moonlight said...

No dear Annie, I am especially blessed to know you are in my life...thank you!

Love you greatly and deeply!

Akannie said...

Well...Paxaa...I can hear some kind of a thumping drilling noise down the street. I suspect (but I could be wrong, as I haven't walked down there) that they are starting to run the pipe under the road. It's quite an interesting machine that pushes the pipe with the force of water, or something. An incredible pressure that shoves thru the dirt like nobody's business. I only hope that when it is hooked up, it doesn't blow the roof off my little dilapidated

Akannie said...

Oh..and --as for you Ms. Moonlight...

Hope you are having a wonderful day at work....You're probably just arriving...


Andrew said...

Souds like daylighting to me.

Akannie said...

LOL...I couldn't figure out what you referencing. I thought it must have to do with Miss Moonlight, but now I see it's something about badgers and vacuuming. LMAO!!!!

PS--I think you're right!!