Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wild and Wooly Wednesday

It was a mildly satisfying day in which I did almost none of the things on the list I so carefully crafted. I did cook a lovely pork shoulder roast, with potatoes and tons of carrots and celery and onions in it. I had it in the crock pot by 8 AM and it was cooked to perfection by 6. It was half of the one I bought yesterday...

I did call the plumber around 8:30 AM and they didn't call back until 4:30 to tell me they were too busy to take the job and would have to pass. :( I called 2 other places in the area, and neither of them called me back. It's more than a little frustrating. NObody much works on these pumps anymore except the old farmers who still have wells on their properties.

Rereading my post from last night and all the great comments, I thought--Yikes. What did I say?? Days like that don't seem like such a big deal really...they just happen and sometimes my reactions are just a little...well....extreme (?) maybe. I rarely get wiped out emotionally like that anymore, and when I do, it just feels like time for a cleansing. I read somewhere (Psychology Today) years back, that they had done a study on the chemical content of tears. Seems that when you cry for different reasons, the chemical make up of the tears is different. I found that fascinating. That maybe when you got overloaded with a certain neurochemical, it would cause things to happen in your brain that would make you cry to release some of the toxins. So when I meltdown like that from time to time, I think it's just my brain/body's way of saying " Hold it--lets lower the level of (???) in here! " I love to think of the human body as being some kind of efficent mechanism with all kinds of built-in failsafes.

So, I lugged a 5 gallon bucket filled 3/4 full of water from the pond so I could flush the toilets. The waters very clean and it works well. That I do this kind of stuff freaks some people out, I know. They cannot imagine living like this, they tell me. But it's just like camping. Or anytime there's a power outage from storms or tornadoes. The pump is electric, so no power=no water too. I think it's kinda cool to know that I can survive no matter what comes down the pike. The only problem is lugging a bucket of water like that up from the pond, across uneven ground, with doggies jumping and chasing and playing all 'round my feet makes for a good chance of injury. And of course I strained my back, even though I was trying to be careful. Then I had to sit out on the front porch reading for the rest of the afternoon, while the crockpot did all the work making dinner. I did get up and sweep the front porch, but then I was right back down on my fanny again, taking it easy.

And now here it is, bedtime and all's well. Still a little sore, but I'm taking care of it. The dishes are all done, the husbands lunch is all packed. The kittens are all sleeping in a little pigpile. All the dogs and cats are in for the night. I have been listening to a CD of The Age of Modern Composers: Dvorak, Grieg, Ravel, Elgar and Rachmaninoff, to name a few. It is lovely and relaxing and the perfect follow up to the Miles Davis Cool Blues CD I listened to earlier.

What a blessing to be able to hear and appreciate good music!
What gratitude I have for my own capabilities !
What blessings are these furry babies of mine !
What gratitude I have for sacred spaces !
What blessings come in the arms of spring !



Prayer Girl said...

Hi Akannie,
You wrote, "I love to think of the human body as being some kind of efficient mechanism with all kinds of built-in fail safes." I always marvel at the human body. I find it amazing that any of us lives at all.

In my 20s, I took an Endocrinology class at the National Institutes of Health.....WOW, that was incredible. It left me in total awe of God's handiwork.

Love and prayers for the pump and your back,
Prayer Girl

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a great post..I love the fact that you can survive it all...when we didn't have water, we did the very same thing...we went and got water from the local store and it worked just big's what we do..:-)

Oh I just wish to hug you!!!

Love G

Steve E. said...

Almost sounds like a fairytale bedtime story: Carried the water up the hill (Jill?), Crock Pot did the work, broke the pump, Crying chemicals, Human body is fail-safety-built, sat on porch, doggies at feet, dishes done, lunch packed, cats asleep, doggies like piglets squirming, CD of beautiful uplifting music, gratitudes, and "all's well in the arms of spring--in the arms of God!"

In this moment of peace, I could die right now.....but not until after June 14...and long after that

Zanejabbers said...

Thank God for Crockpots. What a nice day of life in session. Thanks.

Kim-QOAS said...

I love the post and I was happy to see that cute troll it used to be so popular when I was a kid you remind me of my childhood.

We are blessed in one way or another:-)