Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday the 19th of April

....Does it look like this cat is sticking out her tongue?????

I am being terrorized by a pack of 4 furry demons who are in warp speed mode tonight. They are pulling CD cases off the shelf, climbing into garbage cans, jumping with all 4 feet into their water bowl, and taking running leaps at my bare legs in an effort to race up to my chin and bite me. At 7 weeks old, they are masters of the running spinning ninja leaps and crab jumps. We spend most of the time doubled over with laughter at their antics. But not tonight. I am tired and cranky and they really need to GO TO SLEEP !!!!!

I am feeling especially blessed today by the love of my animals. That unconditional love that reminds me that we are all connected and that man is just another animal on the planet.

I am back from my journey into the seamy side of life, lol. Doctors and hospitals and fears and finances. My health is good. Everything has come out alright in the end, reminding me that the time I waste worrying over things is not time well spent. I am grateful to know these things and put them behind me. I may never go to another doctor again. lol

I went to a meeting this morning and it was a 12x12 study, the topic was Step 4. It was a lively and spirited discussion with a good attendance, even though several of the regulars were AWOL. Afterwards we went to lunch with a friend and then it was time to head down for the monthly District meeting. It was short and sweet and we were out of there in less than an hour. BooRAH!! A lot of people feel that this kind of service is not their cup of tea, but it is our responsibility to do these things to ensure that AA will continue to be here for the next generations of alkies that are moving up. I have always enjoyed this part of service structure myself. I am awed by the way AA operates successfully against all odds. I'm honored to be part of it. It's one of those things I will never understand...that people don't think they should have to do service at this level because it isn't "fun".

I'm grateful for having been inducted into AA at a time and place where the notion of giving back [to AA] what has been so freely given to me was an edict, not a suggestion.
I'm grateful that I can be of service of any kind, at any time.
I'm grateful that I can be an example of AA at work.
I'm grateful to have friends of the caliber that do not shirk duties becasue it isn't "fun".
I'm grateful to be back posting again on this blog...
And I'm grateful for all the people I know in recovery, who show me that there is a blueprint for living here, available even to someone like me.

G'night all....

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