Monday, April 6, 2009

Mickey Muldoon Monday


I'm sitting here with the tiniest grey kitten asleep across my heart. This one always looks like about 50 volts is running through him. He's a longhair and all fuzzy and the static electricity as his fur standing on end. Looks kinda like the one in the picture, only grey.

The potluck was a success, the spring rolls got rave reviews. We had great food...butternut squash soup, bagels. baked brie and crackers, citrus striped butter cookies that I MUST have the recipe for! We were there for about 2 hours, talking and eating. We'll definitely take trip up there when you guys come, Anna....I think you'll love it.

I feel so grateful to have found such a caring and wonderful place!

Other blessings crossing my mind:

~~My friends Tim and Jay and the way they model love and caring for me all the days of my life.

~~ The life that I lead One Day At A Time, that gives me a plate full of gratitude.

~~ That I didn't do so much damage to my brains with booze and drugs that I couldn't take part in this wonderful series of classes I'm taking.

~~That I feel loved and precious to another human being.

~~ That I am seeing a paradigm shift in the world, in all sorts of small ways.

~~ That every cloud has a silver lining, just like my grandma used to tell me.

~~That God's got a deal for drinks that don't drink.

Up early in the morning, and need to get myself off to bed. Looking forward to a new day.

Namaste, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Finally able to view your blog again (my pc has little memory).

So good catching up.

Love to you friend.

xxMary LA

Steve E. said...

And Annie, a new day it IS. Have a ball with it.

Countdown, couple days over two months! ...and closing...couple days ago (it seems) ir was FOUR months away!